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[2018 orientation] the school of mechanical engineering successfully completed its orientation work in 2018

this website (correspondent Zhao Xin) in September 2018, the school of mechanical engineering of Tianjin University welcomed the first batch of students after major enrollment. In order to do a good job of orientation, create a warm, grand and warm atmosphere, show the profound cultural heritage and comprehensive strength of the college, make freshmen have a sense of belonging, pride and honor, and leave a deep impression on their parents, the college has worked together, actively prepared, and meticulously done a good job of orientation for 2018 freshmen

welcome the new year and educate all the staff. The college attaches great importance to the orientation work. Wang Tianyou, the dean of the College of mechanical engineering, song Yimin, the Secretary of the Party committee, the deputy dean in charge and other leaders personally presided over the orientation work, and successively held a joint meeting of the party and government, a discussion on the steering of the DC servo machine controlled by the graduate orientation activity merchants through the DC servo system (outsourcing), and a work arrangement meeting for the tutors of the undergraduate class of nylon oil pan components with good functions, which was devoted to discussing the orientation work arrangement, Clarify the orientation tasks and requirements, and mobilize the faculty and staff of the whole hospital to participate in the orientation. Due to the early start of graphene research in China. All offices of the college actively communicate, coordinate and cooperate, and efficiently and successfully complete the station pickup, freshman reception, site preparation, logistics services and other work. In order to further enhance the freshmen's and parents' understanding of the college's major, this year, the college specially arranged class tutors to participate in the "front line" of the orientation work. During the freshmen's check-in period, the class tutors went to the orientation site to provide "one-on-one" detailed professional consultation for freshmen and parents. At the same time, the class tutors actively participated in the parents' meeting, the college's undergraduate opening ceremony, the orientation week class activities, etc, Often under the "siege" of freshmen and parents, they answer questions and solve doubts for them, which effectively promotes the contact between college teachers and parents

comb branches and pulse, and lead professionally. In the context of large-scale enrollment, in order to guide freshmen to understand relevant majors as soon as possible, the college has set up a professional consultation office at the freshman registration office to help freshmen and parents have an in-depth understanding of professional research directions at the first time. At the same time, an exhibition of students' scientific research achievements is set up in the college to display and explain students' graduation design achievements, so as to guide students to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of professional research directions. The college meticulously held a "work together to cultivate talents" parents' meeting, and invited Professor caoshuqian, deputy dean of undergraduate teaching, to introduce the college, professional settings, student rules and regulations, etc. to parents, and invited all class tutors to participate in the meeting to have in-depth exchanges with parents. Carry out professional introduction. Visit the laboratory and other activities, and invite professional teachers from all departments to explain the professional background, research direction, outstanding alumni and employment situation in depth, so as to remove the professional fog for freshmen

stimulate creativity and welcome the new year exclusively. In order to welcome robots from all over the world, the welcome workers of the college are constantly innovating and adding features. Hang banners in the college building and dormitory area, set up a welcome background board and electronic screen in the college, and set up a "vision tree" on the welcome site to send messages from freshmen and parents, creating a warm, grand and warm welcome atmosphere. Update the college shirt of the College of design in advance, and print the "me" college logo finalized last year on the eye-catching position of the college shirt, so as to enhance the sense of belonging and honor of the college; The college's exclusive file bag for orientation is carefully made and loaded with orientation materials, so that each student can feel the carefulness and intimacy of "the file bag is in hand, I have it in heaven"; Brainstorming and ingenious ideas, the special key chain printed with the emblem of Tianjin University and the emblem of the College of mechanics was distributed to freshmen, which was once "sought after" and "envied" by seniors; In addition, the private customized dormitory door stickers full of creative design also show the culture of the College of machinery and the new year's welcome creativity in the details

meticulous service turns spring breeze into rain. In order to help freshmen check in as soon as possible, get familiar with the school, and leave good memories for freshmen and parents, the college has made great efforts in details and done a good job of meticulous and thoughtful service. Set up a parents' rest area on the 37th floor to provide parents with drinking water, snacks, etc; Go to the dormitory to comfort the freshmen and provide folding beds to help parents solve their accommodation problems; Place a printer in the orientation tent to provide on-site printing services for students who fail to print the check-in notice; Recruit senior students to participate in the orientation work, lead freshmen to handle green channels, pay on-site fees, go to dormitories, etc., and help them quickly solve problems in unfamiliar environments; Provide "leave a memory" photo service, arrange student backbones to take group photos for freshmen and parents, and later develop photos to give to parents to retain beautiful moments; Organize a group visit to the campus activity of "passing by Tianda, seeing beauty", and lead freshmen and parents to understand the high characteristics of Tianda culture and architectural charm

the orientation work is coming to an end, and the freshmen are about to start a new stage. The College of mechanical engineering will continue to closely focus on the fundamental task of "building virtue and cultivating people", adhere to the concept of full education, and strive to cultivate outstanding talents with "national feelings, global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability". All robots believe that the College of mechanical engineering, which is full of passion and unity, will be more energetic and have a better tomorrow with the participation of new students! (Zhao Hui, Feng Yingqi)

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