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The 2018 working conference on statistical information of bearing industry was held in Chengdu

on May 24, the 2018 working conference on statistical information of bearing industry of China bearing industry association was held in Chengdu. 43 representatives from 40 major enterprises in the bearing industry and provincial and municipal associations attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Niu Hui, Deputy Secretary General of China bearing industry association and director of the information department

Zhang Zhisong, deputy director of the information department, reported to the meeting the "2017 bearing industry development report", reviewed the development situation of the industry in 2017, summarized the highlights and characteristics of the economic development of bearings in 2017, introduced the development situation of the industry in the first quarter of 2018, and predicted the development of the bearing industry in 2018. It also puts forward requirements for the 2017 annual economic report of the bearing industry and explains the precautions for the annual report

Deputy Secretary General Niu Hui thanked the representatives who came to the meeting, fully affirmed the work of industry statistical statements of statisticians in various enterprises, spoke highly of the contribution of the bearing industry to the development of the bearing industry after more than 40 years of statistical work, and further emphasized the importance of statistical information work in the bearing industry

Niu Hui also introduced the issues concerned by enterprises in the bearing industry at present. Compared with the standard, the high standard is the upper space stretching quantity peek level

first, the report on "the impact of Sino US trade disputes on China's bearing industry" was introduced, and more than 20 major enterprises were commended for their timely and serious reports on exports to the United States and their impact on enterprises. Although the trade disputes between China and the United States have been properly resolved with the efforts of the state, the "report" submitted to the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce has timely, comprehensively and profoundly reflected the impact on the bearing industry and put forward many positive suggestions, which have been fully affirmed and valued by the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce, Thus, it may win support from two aspects for the bearing industry and key enterprises

second, it introduces in detail the situation of the "special action implementation plan for the cultivation and promotion of single champion enterprises in manufacturing" of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which is concerned by many enterprises at present, with special emphasis on the application process of applying for single champion in manufacturing, product classification catalogue for bearing products statistics, market share and other matters needing attention, The supporting role of the economic annual report of the bearing industry in this work and how to fill in the annual report well lay a good foundation for enterprises to declare individual champions

thirdly, it introduces the promotion of the national "advanced manufacturing investment fund" in the bearing industry

fourth, the promotion of the national "military civilian integration" in the bearing industry was introduced

after introducing the above four aspects, under secretary general Niu Hui also focused on the indicators that should be paid attention to in the monthly report and annual report on the close relationship between the above four aspects and the statistical information report of the bearing industry, and drew everyone's attention to that since 2017, the code of the national economic statistics industry category of the bearing industry was originally bearing manufacturing: 3451, It is divided into two codes: rolling bearing manufacturing 3451 and sliding bearing manufacturing 3452

finally, in order to encourage and thank the participants for their strong support for the statistical information work of the bearing industry, as well as to support the work of the statisticians of the participating enterprises, the participants will become VIP members of the "bearing data" applet in the "shaft Association". They can easily understand the ranking list of bearing enterprises, the analysis of monthly production and operation speed of major enterprises in the bearing industry, the analysis of national bearing import and export Analysis on the output development of various host products in seven major industries of key host machines (automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, general machinery, machine tools, electrical and electrical engineering, petrochemical and environmental protection equipment)

after in-depth discussion and exchange, the participants further understood the current development situation of the bearing industry, further understood the importance of the more advanced information work of the current statistical messenger to the industry and enterprises, and believed that the content of this bearing industry a-constant industry statistical information work conference was very rich and important, which was highly praised by the participants

the meeting achieved the expected goal and was a complete success

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