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2018 annual conference and exhibition of water-based technology opened in Shenzhen

2018 annual conference and exhibition of water-based technology opened in Shenzhen

October 25th, 2018

October 23rd, 2018. The 2018 (16th) Annual Conference and exhibition of water-based Technology jointly sponsored by the magazine of coating industry and the professional committee of water-based technology application of the Chinese Chemical Society opened in Shenzhen Venus Royal Hotel. The meeting attracted technical and marketing personnel from various fields such as coatings, adhesives and inks to participate in the exchange, and the number of participants reached more than 400

the leader of the organizer is Mr. Su Chunhai, chairman of the coating professional committee of the Chinese chemical society, the leader of the special co organizer is Mr. Li Jinqi, vice president of the coating, adhesive and special chemical application technology development department of costron Asia Pacific, Mr. Zhang Shun, general manager of Tianjin Saifei chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd., and the leader of the co organizer is Mr. He Jidong, marketing director of coating additives of BIC chemical Greater China Mr. Lin Zhaokun, business director of Changxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Dai Yueping, Asia Pacific Technical Service Manager of Huntsman chemical R & D center, Mr. Zhu Yanan, general manager of water-based paint business department of garberry Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Shi Wenchen, Asia Pacific coating technical service manager of Kemu chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang Jun, sales director of Olin company in Greater China Mr. liguiyou, the technical engineer of Shanghai East Fluorine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Xiaofeng, the senior market manager of the Asia Pacific coating and ink business of Dow Chemical's industrial solutions business department, Mr. Hong Changfeng, the acting head of the functional coating technology research and Development Department of Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Shi Dan, the production and R & D director of Youka chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony of the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Ms. Chen Hong, Secretary General of the water-based special committee. Chairman Su Chunhai, vice president Li Jinqi and general manager Zhang Shun delivered opening speeches respectively, and wished the meeting a complete success

the opening report of the meeting was "waterborne polyurethane - technology, application and market review and Outlook" by Professor Wang wusheng of Anhui University. He first reviewed the development and progress of waterborne polyurethane in the past few decades from the perspectives of technology, application and market, and looked forward to the future trend and trend. He pointed out that waterborne polyurethane products are not necessarily mainstream products in the future, but must be high-end products

Mr. Li Jinqi, vice president of CAS Application Technology Development Department of costron, combed the broad application prospects of water-based materials in various fields, and vividly presented costron's solutions through many case studies, which made the participants deeply feel the innovation and infinite possibility of water-based technology

then, Zhang junhang, director of Longsha legal affairs department, analyzed the international coating environmental protection regulations represented by the European Union in simple terms, which provided reference and Enlightenment to many enterprises under the high pressure of environmental protection

the report entitled "Application of high-quality thin-layer graphene in water-based coatings" by Liu Liwei, teacher of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, organically combines the hot topics of scientific research with the hot topics of the industry, making the discussion points of the meeting more forward-looking and innovative

in the afternoon of the 23rd, the conference discussed the two themes of "innovative thinking in the application field of waterborne polyurethane measured by water viscometer" and "case sharing of solvent based waterborne polyurethane". At the sub conference related to "waterborne polyurethane" technology, seven experts including Professor wuhaiping of Anhui University analyzed the broad potential market prospect of waterborne polyurethane from multiple perspectives according to their respective professional strengths; At the "case sharing" session, experts from many downstream enterprises such as magnolia, Sinorgchem, CIMC, giant and so on also talked with each other. Their other choice is usually to use all carbon long fiber composites to achieve the necessary modulus improvement; However, the coating industry practitioners in the field actively communicated and jointly discussed the plan for the whole industry chain to go well in water-borne

the water-based technology exhibition was held at the same time of the conference, and more than 40 enterprises participated in the on-site exhibition and product promotion. In addition to the delegates attending the annual meeting, local industry insiders in Guangdong were also attracted to the exhibition. They negotiated business cooperation with raw materials on site, as the Secretariat of Anhui nonferrous metals Standardization Technical Committee, and as the unit and supplier of burned components, the atmosphere on site was warm

on the evening of the 23rd, the six-month "water-based decade" large-scale series of activities officially ended. The organizers of the conference reviewed the development and progress of the industry in the past 10 years with the participants in the form of commemorative books, case videos, and the issuance of relevant awards, and drew a beautiful blueprint for the future of water-based technology

on October 24, the conference continued. The content will focus on "innovative additives", "environmental protection post-treatment", "cleaner production process" and other perspectives. A total of more than 10 technical experts from different fields will bring more wonderful reports

at the same time, the third session of the first session of the water-based Technology Application Professional Committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry was also held. The meeting considered and adopted the work report of the Secretariat, focusing on the work of the special committee for the next year in terms of system construction and capacity-building. The expert members actively exchanged ideas and suggestions for the further development of the special committee

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