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Direct attack on traffic police UAV cruising law enforcement where is the congestion and who violates the rules at a glance

South China Sea, South China Sea client Haikou February 2 news (South China Sea Zhou Jingbo) dare to violate the rules on the highway? Be careful that there are eyes in the sky. On February 2, Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps launched drones to patrol and enforce the law on key highway sections in the province, which can realize the functions of capturing illegal occupation of emergency lanes, traffic congestion relief, accident investigation and mapping. During the Spring Festival, UAV Air Patrol will focus on patrolling the East Line Expressway, ports and docks, passenger stations, scenic spots and major activity sites to ensure road safety and smoothness

in the morning of February 2, Nanhai saw at the UAV patrol ground workstation located at the intersection of Haikou Longqiao on the East Line Expressway that this "UAV team" was composed of two six axis UAVs and a slightly larger cruise UAV. All UAVs were equipped with high-definition cameras, and one of the six axis UAVs was also equipped with a loudspeaker

the traffic police are controlling the UAV in the air. The UAV at the lower left has a long endurance and can fly for a long time and long distance for daily patrol. According to the on-site traffic police, the picture captured by the camera on the UAV is very clear, including the license plate number of the vehicle driving on the highway, whether the driver is playing or smoking, and whether he is wearing a seat belt

because the highway is relatively special, it is difficult for the traffic police to enforce the law on site, and the surveillance camera does not cover the whole section. The rapid and flexible characteristics of UAV can play a good role in eliminating the "blind zone" of highway law enforcement. When the traffic police cannot quickly arrive at the scene of the accident or violation, the patrolling UAV can immediately feed back the findings to the Provincial Traffic Police Corps, Haikou and Sanya 1. Hydraulic series: manual hydraulic universal material testing machine; The command center of the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal material testing machine can also dispatch the UAV to deal with relevant situations at the first time. When the highway is congested during the meeting with Elbegdorj, the traffic police can also analyze the causes of the congestion through the pictures taken by the UAV, take appropriate measures to deal with it, and use the pager on the aircraft to direct and divert traffic from the air. In addition, the UAV also has the function of drawing. In some large and complex traffic scenes, the UAV will survey the scene after flying over. After the survey is completed, it can immediately draw the scene survey map to assist the command center in solving the problem

the traffic police can see the real-time return image of the UAV at the ground workstation. The command centers of Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps, Haikou and Sanya can also see the pictures taken by UAVs synchronously. It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the lubrication effect of UAVs on the key patrol sections and areas in Hainan Province includes the Eastern Line Expressway, port terminals, passenger stations, scenic spots and major activity sites. The traffic police department will also focus on the investigation of illegal behaviors such as occupying emergency lanes, blocking number plates, reversing and so on

the emergency lane is commonly known as the "life passage". Once there is a traffic accident, the emergency lane can be used for emergency rescue and traffic diversion. In the past, many drivers took chances that as long as there was no traffic police at the scene of the highway, they would not be found walking in the emergency lane. But now, after the Hainan traffic police launched the UAV patrol, once the electronic eye on the plane finds that a car is occupying the emergency lane, it will take a snapshot. The captured data will be directly entered into the background of the electronic eye system, and the driver will be fined 200 yuan and 6 points

UAV for air patrol and law enforcement. Zhou Jingbo, South China Sea

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