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On November 4, the Seventh National Symposium on the development and application of organic carbonate technology was held in Beijing. China 14. Accuracy of strain control rate: when the rate is less than 0.05% FS/s, Liu Dengliang, director of the expert committee of the coating industry association, made a penetrating analysis of the application prospect of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) in coatings. He pointed out that DMC is the most promising alternative to ester and ketone solvents in solvent based coatings

Liu Deng 2.1 start the stopwatch of the experimental machine for a preliminary time of 1 minute. Liang believes that with the implementation of a series of measures at home and abroad, such as strict limits on volatile organic compounds (v0c) in coatings, laws and regulations on harmful air pollutants restricting the use of solvent types. It provides a broad market space for the application of DMC in coatings. At present, the solvent consumption in the coating is 400000 tons, of which esters account for 20% of about 10000 tons and ketones account for 10% to 40000 tons. Therefore, DMC has a market demand of more than 100000 tons in coatings

liudengliang pointed out that the first thing for DMC to enter the paint market is to give priority to regulations. The current task is to contact the Ministry of environmental protection and strive to complete the solvent evaluation excluded by HAP regulations. Technically, the solubility parameters of DM1 and C with good performance and the solubility of main film-forming substances should be evaluated; Understand the composition of the existing solvent system and diluent, and lock in the main alternative targets. In the market, enterprises should select partners, make breakthroughs in key areas, and strengthen publicity and promotion

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