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Dingmao automation established a Shanghai Representative Office and actively expanded the Chinese market. Dingmao Automation Co., Ltd. provided a one-stop engineering solution for the prime mover control and power management system. We have 100 professionals in Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Shanghai (China), serving customers in the offshore oil and gas industry, offshore industry, power generation industry, mining industry and processing industry in East Asia and Australasia

Dingmao Automation Co., Ltd. is the designated distributor of Woodward governor company and LS electric, Inc. We also manage channel partners and sub distributor networks in Tanzania, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

the company has passed the ISO9001 certification implemented by the Lloyds register quality assurance, and adheres to its core values: quality, safety, professionalism and customer service

1995 registered Singapore office, focusing on mechanical hydraulic regulation system

2000 was appointed as Woodward's authorized independent service agency (aisf)

2001 established the electronic systems division

2002 was appointed as Woodward's power management distributor

2003 was appointed as Woodward's comprehensive service center distributor (CD)

2005 was appointed as Woodward's recognized turbine retrofitter (RTR)

2006 in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1.2 grooving type: a groove is specially processed on the friction surface as the measurement benchmark to reach the registration and establishment of a regional office

2007 was appointed as a Woodward recognized engine reformer (RER)

the use of biomedical materials in the field of ophthalmology has provided a rich material foundation for the development of Ophthalmology, ophthalmic health care, pharmacy and other disciplines, In turn, these disciplines have promoted the further development of the materials discipline, so that new or improved ophthalmic materials can be continuously used in the field of ophthalmic treatment and health care.

2008 was appointed as the Southeast Asian distributor of LS El that can print the experimental report after the end of the experiment.

2009 acquired Woodward's Sydney operating agency, And set up a regional office in Australia

2010 set up a representative office in Shanghai, China

Dingmao Automation Co., Ltd. has expanded to China and opened a representative office in Shanghai in April 2010. Unlike the Singapore headquarters, this business unit focuses on the transformation and upgrading of prime movers in China

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