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The color powder project of Dinglong Co., Ltd. has not been produced in large quantities for the time being. Downstream enterprises are worried about the quality of domestic products

Dinglong Co., Ltd. [-2.96% capital research report] () since the chemical color polymer toner project was put into operation last September, it has not yet achieved mass production. Great wisdom news agency found through exchanges with several downstream enterprises that their biggest concern is the quality of domestic color toner, but the disadvantage of imported color toner is that the price is too high

Dinglong shares: the market promotion progress of color compatible toner is in line with expectations

at the 2011 Annual General Meeting of shareholders held by Dinglong shares in May 2012, more than 20 institutional investors expressed concern about the construction progress of the color polymer toner industrialization project, one of the company's raised investment projects. According to the company, the 1500 ton color powder project can increase sales by 750million yuan per year and the gross profit margin of the product is about 50%. Therefore, the capital market is most concerned about when the project can produce in large quantities and form an important profit growth point of the company

the project was put into operation at the end of September 2012. Public information shows that Dinglong's color polymer toner project achieved benefits of 1.9604 million yuan in 2012 and 3.1369 million yuan in the first quarter of 2013

according to the first half performance express released by Dinglong on July 13, the company is expected to achieve a profit of 30.92 million yuan -34.63 million yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 6.185 million yuan -9.895 million yuan, or 25%-40%. Among them, the impact of non recurring profit and loss on net profit is about 5million yuan

Hongyuan securities [0.97% capital research report] on July 15, the research report said that the semi annual report forecast of Dinglong shares was slightly lower than the market expectation. However, excluding the equity incentive fees and the expenses arising from the acquisition of the remaining 80% equity of Zhuhai mingtu, it is expected that the net profit of the company's actual main business will increase by more than 60%, which is in line with the expectation. It is estimated that the profit contribution of the company's color toner in the first half of the year is about 8million yuan, corresponding to sales of more than 100 tons

the research report also believes that Dinglong's color toner matches the downstream toner cartridge in a steady and large volume, and the order in the third quarter is expected to rise again

however, some securities analysts who did not want to be named told great wisdom that the color powder project of Dinglong shares has not been produced in large quantities for the time being, and it takes time for toner drum enterprises downstream of toner to try out and replace new products, which also involves the problem of customer stickiness

the staff of the Securities Department of Dinglong shares told the great wisdom news agency that the market promotion progress of the company's color toner is in line with expectations, and the product quality can be comparable to Mitsubishi Chemical. At present, the company's focus is to launch toners suitable for more models and penetrate downstream channels

it is reported that at present, Dinglong color powder is applicable to most models of HP, while some large models of Samsung and Canon can also be used

toner can be divided into physical powder and chemical powder according to the production mode. At present, the physical method accounts for about 80% of the compatible toner market, but in the future, the physical method will be phased out by the chemical method due to the lack of support of new printers and high costs. The chemical color compatible toner will be the most valuable part of the industrial chain. At present, this technology is monopolized by a few Japanese enterprises. The color toner project of Dinglong Co., Ltd. can break the technological monopoly of Japanese enterprises in chemical color toner

downstream enterprises: domestic toner is cheap but has many defects, and we should consider further optimizing the system

from the perspective of the Research Report of securities companies and the company, there is no big problem in the production of Dinglong color toner at present. Therefore, it is expected that the expansion of downstream channels is the most critical

in this regard, great wisdom news agency interviewed several domestic toner drum manufacturers and printing consumables dealers. It is understood that they are most worried about insufficient matching with toner cartridges and quality problems. In addition, the color toner used by well-known toner drum brands such as Zhuhai Tianwei is self-produced

at present, compared with foreign imported products, the biggest advantage of domestic color powder is its low price

among them, the customer service staff of Zhuhai gezhige Digital Technology Co., Ltd., one of the major domestic manufacturers of toner cartridges, said that the color toner used by the company was imported from abroad, and the adaptability of toner cartridges was still the main consideration

a salesperson of Beijing Zhongheng copy material technology Co., Ltd. also said that the color toner used in the company's toner cartridges was imported from abroad

the color toner imported from abroad has low concentration, less pollution and environmental protection. In general, the quality is different. He said

Mr. Huang of Zhongshan Aiyin printing consumables Co., Ltd. told the great wisdom news agency that he knew that Dinglong had effectively reduced the maximum stress and deformation of the structure; Then there is the component size optimization color toner, but the company does not use Dinglong's products

at present, the use of imported and domestic color toner by the company mainly depends on the configuration of factory equipment. He said that domestic color toner usually consumes a high amount of powder, and there is relatively little printing paper, but its production cost is low, and the market people who do not have high requirements for printing effect will have a large demand. He said

according to the data, Zhongshan Aiyin printing consumables Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing printer consumables. Its main products include 2. Gb/t 10007 ⑵ 008 hard foam shear strength test method laser printer toner drum

and Guangzhou 3. Touch key operation mode a sales manager surnamed Hu of sannuo office equipment Co., Ltd. said that he believed that it was best to choose imported products for color toner

Chinese enterprises can produce color toner, and the products can also be used, but the products may lack service life, durability and accuracy. For example, Beijing Zhongheng copying material technology Co., Ltd. is also a large and famous company. It can produce copiers and printer compatible parts, but its products still fall behind similar foreign products. Mr Hu said

but it also said that the disadvantage of imported color toner is that it is expensive. There are always people who want to have something good and cheap, and there are many such people. According to Mr. Li, a salesperson of Beijing Honglin Technology Development Co., Ltd., the imported color powder has good sealing and color, but the cost is high, and the price is about three times higher than that of domestic products

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