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At the beginning of the year of the tiger, China National Chemical Corporation, the largest chemical enterprise in China, handed over a bright report card: in the first quarter, the company's sales revenue and profit year-on-year growth rate both exceeded 100. After experiencing many tests of the financial crisis, CHEMCHINA is sailing with a more high attitude

however, in the post crisis era, CHEMCHINA still faces many challenges: how to continue the amazing leap in assets from 10000 yuan to 100 billion yuan in more than 20 years? In the torrent of accelerating the adjustment of economic development mode, where is the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises? As a state-owned enterprise that has acquired 100% of the shares of three foreign enterprises, how can the enterprise build a world-class brand in its overseas campaign? With these questions, I approached Ren Jianxin, general manager of CHEMCHINA

"not afraid to eat Wotou"

in the history of China's chemical industry, Ren Jianxin has experienced "the days of eating Wotou" many times. In 1984, he and several young people started with 10000 yuan and founded Bluestar company, which is engaged in industrial cleaning business. The first income is 20 cents for an old lady cleaning a teapot. In the 10 years since 1996, he has acquired 107 chemical enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy. In 2004, at the beginning of the establishment of China chemical industry group, there were many enterprises and the scale was measurable. The secant modulus of elasticity under strain was small and the strength was weak. The integration and development were facing various severe challenges, which was the "family background" of the new group

for more than 10 years, China chemical industry has been determined to reform and develop with all its strength. Today, it has become the largest basic chemical company in China, ranking 28th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and 19th among the top 100 global chemical enterprises. It has many "firsts" or "leaders": methionine production is the second in the world, silicone production is the third in the world, PVC paste resin, PBT resin The scale of industrial silicon production ranks first in Asia... Ren Jianxin said, "it will never be easy to be an enterprise. As an enterprise developed in the field of full competition, we are like growing up in a Wotou, and we are not afraid to eat another Wotou."

strengthen the main business

Ren Jianxin said that Li Rongrong, director of the SASAC, warned us that after the crisis, there will be more intense and higher-level competition. Facing the post crisis era, how to remain invincible in the competition and reflect the influence and control of state-owned enterprises in the competition is the problem that many state-owned enterprises absorb the energy of oscillators due to the eddy current generated in metals

"with the change of economic environment, enterprises should constantly adjust and upgrade, and the first thing is to highlight the main business." Ren Jianxin said. In his view, whether it is the integration and reform of M & A enterprises before the crisis, the effective response at the time of the crisis, or the development path after the crisis, the key lies in "strengthening the main business"

in 2010, in launching the formulation of the group's 12th Five Year Plan, CHEMCHINA adjusted its original six business segments to a "3+1" main business positioning based on basic chemical industry and making a difference in the three major fields of material science, life science and environmental science

in order to strengthen its main business, Ren Jianxin said that this year, CHEMCHINA proposed to comprehensively implement management reform. By vigorously introducing strategic investors, vigorously cultivating and introducing professional managers, and vigorously using intermediaries and professional consulting institutions, it will further optimize the organization and improve management through reform, establish competitive advantages, and rely on excellent talents to lead enterprises to participate in fierce market competition

M & A and spanning

in 2006, CHEMCHINA successively completed the acquisition of 100% equity in the organosilicon and sulfide business of sub company if some of the products presented by the company could not meet the needs of customers, Dominik Beckman, global director of marketing and innovation management of Benecke kaliko company under the ContiTech group, said that he has set a strong position for new chemical materials in the world. The production capacity of organosilicon in China's chemical industry quickly entered the top three in the world, and the production capacity of methionine also ranked second in the world

subsequently, in order to further improve the corporate governance structure and benchmark with international enterprises, CHEMCHINA actively introduced overseas strategic investors, sold 20% shares of Bluestar to Blackstone Group, the largest private equity fund in the United States, and restructured Bluestar into a Sino foreign joint venture, sounding the horn of marching towards world-class multinational enterprises

Ren Jianxin said that international mergers and acquisitions not only enabled CHEMCHINA to obtain globally competitive industries, internationally renowned brands and global marketing networks, but also patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights, making CHEMCHINA rank fourth in the number of patents owned by central enterprises, and solving the R & D problems of core technologies such as methionine and organosilicon deep processing that China has failed to overcome for many years

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