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Chinese Coatings: large scale of production and marketing, weak domestic brands

Chinese Coatings: large scale of production and marketing, weak domestic brands

November 24, 2003

according to the data, China is the world's third largest paint production and consumption country, and at present, it is still increasing at a rate of about 20% ~ 30% per year

, but China's national steel prices have increased on a large scale today. Most products of domestic coating enterprises can only enter the low-end market, Only a few brands have national popularity

as the third largest paint production and consumption country in the world, China's annual production and consumption have exceeded 2million tons, and the municipal market capacity has exceeded 20billion yuan. At present, it is still developing rapidly. However, from the current situation of the domestic coating industry, there is no enterprise

that can enter the top 50 coating enterprises in the world, and less than 3% of the large enterprises with an annual output of more than 5000 tons, and most of the products are low-end

products. Only a few brands such as China Resources, garberry and Kansai have national popularity, and a few of them have begun to take shape and scale, while the rest are mostly regional brands

at the same time, foreign multinational companies are entering on a large scale. All the world's top 10 coating companies have landed in China, among which AkzoNobel, DuPont, Nippon and ICI have all gained a firm foothold. They mainly focus on architectural coatings, automotive coatings and marine coatings with large market demand, high technical content and high added value. In particular, the product sales of ICI and DuPont account for 30% of the Chinese market and control half of the market share of medium and high-end products. These companies are almost well known in China. Chen Ping, general manager of China Sales Department of ICI world paint (bonamen Swire paint Oil Co., Ltd.), revealed that ICI will carry out a large-scale color matching concept exhibition in China this year, and plans to open 200 ~ 250 color matching stores this year, and will increase to 500 next year. The company also said that previously, the sales volume of ICI paint in Asia accounted for only 20% of the global sales volume, and the proportion in China was smaller; However, last year, China's sales reached more than 600million yuan, and the Chinese market will be a strategic place for ICI's future development

according to the understanding of China's epoxy resin industry (), at present, the coating in the domestic market can be automatically archived and manually stored at the end of the test. It is only at the functional level, just to protect and decorate the wall or furniture surface. The foreign paint market has developed to a higher level of consumption, such as paying attention to the use of color and pursuing home enjoyment. Ms. Nicky

Barton, a British paint expert, said that the decoration of houses in European and American countries is carried out room by room. For example, it shows that Yoga color will be popular in the new year, and many families will decorate a room with this color

The entry of "foreign brands" has also ushered in new opportunities for the utilization of rare earth technology. The domestic coating industry, especially high-end coating industries such as automobiles and motorcycles, has brought great challenges and impacts. Domestic coating enterprises are likely to become processing enterprises of foreign products, and mergers, reorganizations and acquisitions will become the "highlights" of the next coating market

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