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"Zhonghua" cigarette packaging comprehensively promotes degradable environmental protection materials

[ppzhan Abstract] when excessive packaging has become an annoying Street mouse, the packaging problem has become the focus of attention, and the promotion of ecological economy has directly raised the green wind. In the packaging industry, it is undoubtedly necessary to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Recently, Shanghai said it would comprehensively promote the use of vacuum aluminized lining paper in Chinese cigarette packaging

recently, Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd. held a promotion meeting on the vacuum of Zhonghua cigarette, but the price is also much higher than that of ordinary aluminized lining paper. It summarized the promotion of environmental friendly materials that can be explained in cigarette packaging in the previous stage, and made clear the working requirements for comprehensively promoting the use of vacuum aluminized lining paper in Zhonghua cigarette packaging

the meeting pointed out that the use of vacuum aluminized lining paper in Chinese cigarette packaging is a very important work carried out by the group company in response to the requirements of the National Bureau of green environmental protection, in order to reduce the harm of cigarette packaging materials to the environment and actively promote the application of degradable environmental protection materials. Relevant departments and cigarette manufacturing factories should attach great importance to and carefully prepare the vacuum of Zhonghua cigarette, further strengthen the early promotion of environmental protection, and fully test different models to ensure a success; The specific implementation plan of direct plating paper switching shall be formulated and implemented step by step

at present, the group company preliminarily plans to officially switch direct plating paper from August to September this year. At that time, all brands of cigarettes produced by Shanghai Tobacco Group will abandon the aluminized lining paper, and all of them will use the vacuum aluminized lining paper because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 1.1 million), which can also test the friction coefficient and environmental protection

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