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Chinese car enterprises strive to be the pacesetter of "rejuvenating the country through industry". Who can lead the C position

Chinese car enterprises strive to be the vanguard of "rejuvenating the country through industry". Who can lead the C position

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original title: Chinese car enterprises strive to be the pacesetter of "rejuvenating the country through industry". Who can lead the C position

it is the so-called "prospering the country through industry". Industry is really about the future of a country and the development of a city. Prospering the country through industry is not only the only way for a strong country, but also the inevitable choice for urban revitalization. In such an environment, with the sustained and rapid development of China's automobile industry, the important position of the automobile industry in the national real economy is also strengthening, and it has become one of the leading industries supporting and driving the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy

according to the statistics of China Automobile Association, it can be seen that in the Chinese automobile market, which is close to the production and sales level of 30million, the core competitiveness of Chinese automobile enterprises is rapidly improving. At the same time, the upgrading of China's automobile consumption structure also makes the future of rejuvenating the country by the automobile industry more worthy of expectation

in the era of "a hundred flowers blooming" in China's automobile industry, which car company is the leader of "rejuvenating the country through industry"

some people may say, of course, China FAW. Indeed, throughout the history of China's automobile development, FAW China bears the brunt. It has not only witnessed the development of China's automobile industry, but also achieved reform and self breakthrough in the past two years. However, as the "eldest son of the Republic", FAW has not really realized its mission, that is, to revitalize independence and the red flag. In addition to FAW, Geely Automobile is also one of the powerful car companies competing for the C position. As the sales champion of domestic independent brands, Geely's achievements in recent years are obvious to all. However, in the face of overseas well-known car companies with tens of millions of production and sales, Geely Automobile still has a long way to go

therefore, we might as well answer some questions with the production, sales and revenue data of Chinese auto enterprises

according to the sales data of the first half of 2018 released by SAIC Group a few days ago, SAIC Group sold 3.52 million new cars in 2018, leading the ranking of domestic enterprises again. It is worth mentioning that under the new normal of the current slowdown in the overall growth of China's automobile market, the performance of SAIC Group's joint venture sector showed a steady growth trend in the first half of this year, while the independent brands dominated by SAIC passenger cars assumed the main growth points

as the largest domestic auto enterprise in terms of production and sales, SAIC Motor Group has achieved rapid growth for many years, which has driven the whole Chinese auto market forward steadily. In 2017, SAIC Group achieved 6.93 million vehicle sales and a total operating income of 870.639 billion yuan. On the evening of July 19, Beijing time, Fortune magazine of the United States released the ranking of the world's top 500 in 2018. Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAIC) ranked 36th in the world's top 500 with a 2017 consolidated sales revenue of $128.819 billion, 9th among Chinese Enterprises, and 7th in the global automotive industry

Fortune Global 500 list

Fortune Global 500: vehicle and parts sub list

from the above series of production and sales records and "gold content" extremely high revenue data, it is not difficult to see that after more than 60 years of growth, China's automotive industry has embarked on a new historical journey towards high-quality development. In particular, driven by the technological revolution characterized by electrification and intelligent integration, the innovative mode characterized by sharing, service and platform, and the consumption upgrading characterized by customization, personalization and differentiation, China's automobile industry has stood at the key node of transformation and upgrading and achieving leapfrog development. More importantly, many Chinese automobile enterprises have the courage to undertake the task of "rejuvenating the country through industry", transforming the pressure into a driving force for progress, and striving to be the vanguard and pacesetter

the following question is, how can Chinese car companies grasp the high-quality development, adapt to consumption upgrading, and finally catch up with overseas car companies in combination with the current industrial structure advantages? If the system capability is the foundation to ensure stable development, it will exceed the foundation of electrostatic parts and sliding parts, then a very forward-looking strategic layout is the key to "take-off". Just mentioned, the current form of automotive products is being redefined, the mode of automotive production is being deeply changed, and the automotive industry chain will also be reconstructed. Nowadays, China's automobile industry is gradually entering a new era of comprehensive opening-up and the integration of four modernizations

taking SAIC Group as an example, in 2017, SAIC Group was the first to put forward the "new four modernizations" development strategy with "electrification, intelligent integration, sharing and internationalization" as the core. In terms of electrification layout, SAIC is the only automobile group in China that has fully implemented the three technical routes of "pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell". In terms of smart connection, SAIC Group has actively deployed in this field and cooperated with Alibaba and other Internet giants to build a future oriented "Internet car" and its ecosystem

at present, artificial intelligence is the leading strategic technology and the core driving force of a new round of industrial reform. At the 2018 Yangtze River Delta data intelligence cooperation (Shanghai) summit just held on July 17, Zu Xijie, deputy chief engineer of SAIC Group, said, "SAIC's business layout in the field of digital transformation has generated a large amount of data. Giving full play to the value of data and realizing data intelligence will be the focus and difficulty of future work. SAIC will start from specific business applications, take platform as the basis and data as the core, and realize SAIC's' data intelligence '."

to this end, SAIC Group established the first artificial intelligence laboratory in China to create artificial intelligence applications and solutions, focusing on intelligent travel, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent driving, providing technical support for SAIC Group's "new four modernizations" strategy. In terms of intelligent driving, at present, SAIC Group's intelligent driving vehicles have been tested in closed parks for more than 60000 kilometers, which is a rare material. The open road test mileage has exceeded 3000 kilometers. In terms of global layout with the increase of experimental power, SAIC Group has actively built a number of 10000 vehicles and overseas markets, and has established production bases in Thailand, Indonesia and India

at this point, we can see that after a long period of "hardships and hardships", Chinese auto companies represented by SAIC, FAW, Chang'an, Dongfeng, Geely, great wall and many other Chinese auto companies have reached the key node from quantitative change to qualitative change. While winning more market share with good products, they are also turning from "made in China" to "made in China"

guided by the spirit of innovation encouraged by the state, we should adhere to the principle of "seeking progress in stability and innovation in progress", keep up with changes, actively respond, strive to optimize the growth structure and further improve the quality of development. Under the current development trend of collective upward self owned brands and rejuvenating the country through industry, more Chinese automobile enterprises will undertake the national mission of "four braves" and "three benchmarks"

from the perspective of the development of the world's automobile industry, with the energy revolution and the continuous breakthroughs in new materials and new generation technologies, Chinese cars will also seize this historic opportunity to become the "leader" of the world's automobiles

back to the topic at the beginning of the article, who is the leader of Chinese automobile enterprises? Who will stand in position C? Obviously, it should be those Chinese auto enterprises that began to adopt the successive comparison method and finally remembered the original intention of "serving the country with industry", firmly seized the opportunity of reform and opening up and the rapid development of China's auto market, and contributed to the development of China's real economy

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