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China's cigarettes create the second "king of heaven" brand

secondly, the enterprise has strong strength. Only enterprises with an annual output and sales of nearly one million boxes can have the strength to win the throne of the king of heaven. Otherwise, in the context of the great era, they will eventually be integrated and restructured. In 2003, after the acquisition of Hong'an tobacco factory, Three Gorges tobacco factory and the purchase of Dawu tobacco factory, the annual production capacity of Wuhan Tobacco Group has exceeded 1million cases, and the annual sales volume has increased by 31% year-on-year; Tax and profit increased by 32.5% year-on-year; Profit increased by 117% year-on-year. In 2004, Wuhan tobacco will further integrate the resources of Xiangfan and Qingjiang tobacco factories in the province to form a situation of one factory (Wuhan factory) and two brands (red dragon and Yellow Crane Tower) in the province. In other words, the production plan of 2.16 million boxes in Hubei Province will be in the hands of Wuhan Tobacco Group

third, production and marketing gauge modeling. There are 13 brands (specifications) with an annual output of more than 1000 boxes of 25 super high-grade cigarette brands with an ex factory price of more than 175 yuan per brand. After experiencing the baptism of market waves, only a few brands such as "Zhonghua", "Yuxi" and "Yellow Crane Tower" really stand firm. In terms of production and sales volume and market influence, these brands are ahead of other brands in the high-end market with a retail price of more than 200 yuan per brand. In 2003, the production and sales volume of "Zhonghua" reached more than 200000 boxes, firmly occupying the first "top position" in China's high-end cigarette market, and the production and sales volume of "Yuxi" ranked second with more than 120000 boxes

fourth, the enterprise has high growth and strong brand development potential. Due to the actual size gap with foreign brands, we should pay more attention to the growth of brands. A growing enterprise usually refers to an enterprise that can continuously tap unused resources for a long period of time, show an overall expansion trend to varying degrees, and have good expectations for future development. From the special research conducted by researchers from the Economic Research Institute of the state tobacco monopoly administration, it can be seen that Wuhan Tobacco Group can be called the "all-round champion of growth". The sales volume of Yellow Crane Tower in 2003 was 55577 boxes, an increase of 53.89% compared with that in 2001. Compared with that in 2002, the sales volume of Yellow Crane Tower in 2003 increased by 25.3%. This year's production and sales volume is even better. In terms of single box profit, Yellow Crane Tower ranks third with 36 famous and high-quality cigarettes

fifth, we have strong technical strength in product development. The tobacco industry is a technology intensive industry, and the growth of a strong brand cannot be separated from the technical support of enterprises. Taking the current research and development of reduced coke and low harm tobacco as an example, Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. is the first domestic flue-cured tobacco low tar technology. Since 1999, they have started the research and development of the first generation of flue-cured tobacco low hazard cigarettes, and successfully launched in 2002. This product has passed the identification of the state tobacco monopoly administration. Today, Zhonghua tobacco has implemented the serialization of famous and high-quality cigarette tar, launched 17 mg, 15 mg and 11 mg of Zhonghua tobacco, and is researching and developing ultra-low tar products as technical reserves. Wuhan Tobacco Group is one of the six enterprises with national technical centers in the industry. Its R & D strength is recognized as that the capacity of the line dynamometer should not exceed the predicted breaking load of the sample. It has a tensile expansion rate of 110%, which is 30 times larger than aramid. After the successful launch of the Yellow Crane Tower "double ten treasures" with tar content and carbon monoxide content of 10 mg, Jiwu tobacco group has recently developed a new product with a measured tar content of 8 mg. In the development of high-end cigarettes with "high aroma, low tar and low harm", Wu tobacco is in the leading position

from the perspective of smoking characteristics, although "Hua, Xi, Lou and Wang" are all flue-cured tobacco types, their smoking styles have their own distinctive personalities. Chinese smoke is golden in color and pure in fragrance. It is the representative of Luzhou flavor. Yuxi originates from Yunnan, the treasure land of tobacco production in China. Known as the "hometown of cloud and smoke", Yuxi has a 60 year history of tobacco planting. It is endowed with unique natural conditions that are most suitable for the production of high-quality tobacco, and is the representative of fragrance type. Yellow Crane Tower has the origin of selenium rich tobacco in Enshi, which is based on dry tobacco. According to the characteristics of high-end cigarette users, it puts forward a light and elegant flavor type

from the perspective of aesthetics, they also reflect their different values. Professor Cai Jun of Tsinghua University has studied the lifestyle and aesthetics of Chinese people. If a coordinate axis is established to summarize, the horizontal axis is the age class, and the vertical axis is the social class, then it can be divided into four ethnic groups, namely pie, Yi, Ya and Ku. And "Hua, Xi, Lou, Wang" does correspond to different ethnic groups. The Chinese school, the jade of Yuxi, the elegance of Huanghe Lou, and the coolness of lotus king are fully expressed on the outer packaging. The packaging of Zhonghua uses Chenglou, Huabiao and Maoti handwriting, which has always been the king's spirit. The new packaging of Yuxi is still mainly red, and the diamond color block in the middle is also quite National. The Yellow Crane Tower selects the shape of "the first floor in the world" as the visual core of the packaging, especially the new 1916 is more classic, and its cigarette bag design that returns to its original color has won a lot of acclaim. At the beginning of its launch, the golden style of lotus king was a subversion of the red and white packaging in the country at that time

from the perspective of brand origin, "Hua, Xi, Lou, Wang" has both noble origins and emerging forces. "Zhonghua" brand cigarette was born in 1951. It is a high-end famous and high-quality flue-cured tobacco product, known as "National Tobacco", and is an outstanding representative of cigarette brands in China. Zhonghua cigarette is golden in color and pure in fragrance. It has won the "National Quality Gold Award" and "national top ten famous trademarks". The Yellow Crane Tower dates back to 1916, when Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company was established in Hankou. Therefore, the arrogance of China, the orthodoxy of Chinese flue-cured tobacco in Yuxi, and the classic nobility of Yellow Crane Tower all have their own distinctive styles, which have gradually become clear in the process of development. "So far, no other material can replace the important position of EPS board in the insulation market. The formation of the four heavenly kings of Hua, Xi, Lou and Wang is also the epitome of the development of Chinese cigarettes

therefore, the success of "Hua, Xi, Lou, Wang" shows that strong enterprises are the most solid support for strong brands and also a reflection of long-term unremitting brand building

(III) strong brands lead the industry competition

US President Barack Obama announced on January 9 that the "Mao, Wu, Jian" of Chinese Baijiu (Maotai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun), with its brilliant history and excellent quality, has formed a supreme brand image of Chinese Baijiu leadership and stimulated market consumption. Chinese Baijiu has always been in the absolute leading position in the competition with foreign red wine and Baijiu in the Chinese market. One of the important reasons is that it has the leadership and support of the three major brands "Mao, Wu and Jian", and Chinese Baijiu has also won the world reputation under the leadership of "Mao, Wu and Jian"

the development of Chinese Baijiu has actually given a good enlightenment: the development of an industry, first of all, is to observe the development status of its strong brands. The next few years are particularly important. Facing the environment of external cigarette entry and internal integration, it is inevitable for Chinese cigarettes to break out and even grow more healthily, so as to build a strong brand. The first square formed by "Hua, Xi, Lou, Wang" and "three reds and one white" will undertake the task of carrying forward Chinese cigarettes

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