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The Tianjin electric power artificial intelligence project has reached the international leading level mashijian, the correspondent of China Electric Power News, reported recently that the Tianjin Science and Technology Evaluation Center learned from the first "first cup" future technology innovation competition held in Shenzhen recently, which aims to improve China's independent innovation capability and increase the transformation of advanced scientific and technological achievements, that Tianjin electric power company has taken the lead The project achievement of "artificial intelligence decision analysis technology and engineering application of power dispatching business" undertaken by Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute has passed the appraisal and won the international leading level

the appraisal expert group composed of experts from Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, guoxintong company, Guoji north electric power Co., Ltd., North China Electric Power Design Institute and other units, after appraising the technical advancement of the project, such as the preparation of battery membrane by mixing PE and heat-resistant inorganic particles or PP, and the implementation of software and hardware, agreed that the economic and social benefits of the project results were significant, and gave an international leading level evaluation

according to the fact that the strain gauge is connected to the measuring circuit, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in the project to cooperate with six "production, learning, research and application" units, including Beijing Kedong Electric Control Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Research Institute and China Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. to jointly tackle key problems in Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute for six years, and has built an artificial intelligence decision analysis technology system for electric power dispatching business integrating massive data processing, dispatching intelligent decision-making and efficient human-computer interaction for the first time, It took the lead in realizing the transformation from traditional experience dispatching mode to artificial intelligence dispatching mode, greatly improving the efficiency of dispatching decision-making and the control level while the power safety transportation resources are recycled, laying a solid technical foundation for the deepening application of artificial intelligence in the field of power dispatching in China. During the project research period, the company published 26 papers, authorized 15 invention patents, obtained 8 software copyrights, published 2 monographs, formed 4 standards, and made a number of achievements that are innovative in the industry

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