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Bona aijer Zhisuo separation filler technology exchange meeting was held

on January 20, 2010, the Japan CHISSO bona aijer (age but LA) technology exchange meeting was successfully held in the school of life, Beijing University of technology! The theme of the conference is the introduction of technology and products of cellulose matrix separation materials. The audience included teachers and classmates from the school of life science and technology of Beijing University of technology, as well as insiders from other schools and units: Tianjin Nankai University, Beijing saisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing University of science and technology, Beijing Normal University, China pharmaceutical research and development center, Beijing puxie General Co., Ltd., and Beijing Dongfanghong Aerospace Biotechnology Co., Ltd

cellufine is a liquid chromatography filler with a manufacturing and sales history of more than 30 years. As a partner of Zhisuo, agelatechnologies will act as an agent for the sales of Zhisuo's products in China, which is also the first step in the field of biological separation

Mr. Yamamoto of CHISSO company introduced the development history of Zhisuo company. Mr. Masami hosuo, who is responsible for product technology, used detailed graphic data to explain that the stable quality and good homogenization of cellufinetm series biological products are seriously out of effect. Cellulose materials of cellulinetm series have extremely high adsorption and high flow rate resistance. The product covers ion exchange, hydrophobic chromatography, affinity chromatography and gel filtration. It is widely used in vaccine purification, protein purification and other fields. Especially because of its excellent drug resistance, it is welcomed by the majority of pharmaceutical companies

all the experts and teachers present at the meeting raised their own questions one after another, and Mr. husuo also gave a very satisfactory reply. The atmosphere on the court was warm and happy

Data analysis can be carried out on the completed experimental results

bonaijel will also gradually strengthen the win-win cooperation with colleges and universities to test that the tensile properties of composite storage tanks based on carbon nanotube fibers are better than those of traditional epoxy carbon fiber Dimensional composites

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