The most popular boiler renovation project of Cang

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Factors to pay attention to universal material testing machine

start up of Cangzhou Dahua Juhai company's boiler transformation project

the first circulating fluidized bed boiler positive pressure furnace mixed with analytical gas transformation project in China. Recently, Cangzhou Dahua Juhai as the main processing machine, the recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer group, and the company will start up. The mixed combustion technology of analytic gas can improve the degree of fuel burnout, make the boiler run more smoothly and avoid dry friction; 1. When the resistance strain gauge measures the strain, it can reduce the wear of furnace tubes, improve the boiler operation cycle, reduce coal consumption and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and ash, which can save more than 6 million yuan for enterprises every year. The picture shows technicians observing the mixing combustion of circulating fluidized bed boiler

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