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The details of BMW M3 CRT carbon fiber body shaping version have been exposed

BMW M3 has always been highly praised by everyone for its excellent comprehensive performance and superb override performance. After a period of rumors, BMW M3 CRT (carbon Racing Technology) recently made a high-profile debut abroad and released relevant details about m3 CRT for the first time

just last week, at the 24-hour endurance race held in Nurburgring, Germany, BMW launched its new favorite m3 CRT. As a mass-produced model of BMW M3 GTS concept car, it appeared in the Nurburgring in a new four door coupe figure. The new BMW M3 CRT is equipped with 19 inch aluminum alloy rims, with front wheel tires of 245/35 and rear wheel tires of 265/30, front and rear brake discs of 378x32mm and 380x28mm respectively, and 6-piston brake calipers. The suspension system is replaced with adjustable shock absorbers to obtain excellent handling performance

in appearance, BMW M3 CRT and steel bar zigzag testing machine are verified and calibrated according to the national standard. There is little difference between the ordinary m3, but the outstanding CRT (carbon Racing Technology) technology shows BMW's excellent technology on the carbon fiber body. The front and rear spoiler plates are made of carbon fiber lightweight materials. The most interesting thing is that even the engine hood with very complex structure is made of carbon fiber, This design makes the weight of the engine half that of the ordinary aluminum alloy hood. At the same time, the front seat structure and door interior are also made of carbon fiber materials. The double side four exhaust pipes at the rear of the car are made of titanium alloy. The use of a large amount of carbon fiber has reduced the total weight of the new BMW CRT model by about 45 kg compared with the conventional car, and the weight of the whole vehicle has been reduced to 1580 kg. These carbon fibers not only make the BMW M3 CRT lighter in vehicle weight, but also achieve more reasonable ride comfort and handling performance than the original proportion in the weight ratio of front and rear axles 51.6/48.4. BMW provides exclusive satellite navigation system, audio-visual entertainment system, air conditioning power drive and other components, and is equipped with exclusive carbon fiber barrel racing seats. In addition, BMW also plans to launch the duo6 of BMW M3 CRT. The influence law of organic fillers on product performance: carbon fiber sports equipment

in terms of power, the new BMW M3 CRT can be described as reducing weight without reducing force. The power system is equipped with a 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine, which provides 331 kW (450 HP) super power output at 8300 rpm, while the maximum torque is generated at 3750 rpm, which is 443 N-M. Equipped with a 7-speed M-DCT dual clutch transmission, this BMW M3 CRT can complete the acceleration process of km/h in 4.4 seconds, which saves 0.5 seconds compared with the conventional m3 car. The maximum speed is limited to 290 km/h

according to BMW, this new BMW M3 CRT model will be limited to 67 vehicles, and all of them are painted in polar silver. The exterior of the body is decorated with some red decorations to highlight the sports characteristics of BMW M3; In terms of interior decoration, while emphasizing the texture of black heavy metal, some orange is used to decorate the dynamic interior effect

it is reported that this BMW M3 CRT will be officially unveiled at the M ceremony of the 24-hour Nurburgring endurance race this week. The following 67 mass-produced models will be sold at a starting price of 130000 euros (about 1.2 million yuan) per vehicle, which has developed static tension and compression, static change, high-frequency tension and compression fatigue

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