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Since 2008, Perkins (Perkins) has established a mutually beneficial long-term strategic cooperation relationship with various business units of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., including small machine business unit, volunteer car business unit and concrete machinery business unit, through its South China agent according to zhuochuang information data

· the small machine business department of XCMG and Perkins have launched more than 10 cooperation projects in the product series of excavators, skid loaders, micro hydrostatic loaders and small loaders, the main product, and achieved fruitful results

· XCMG xg778g excavator loader equipped with Perkins 1104c-44ta can still give full play to its extremely superior performance in plateau climate environment, and it is the only product specially designed for plateau harsh environment in China at present; In 2013, it was selected as the "Top50" of China's construction machinery products

· at this BMW Shanghai exhibition, XCMG held a special unveiling ceremony for a wheel excavator equipped with Perkins engine, recording an important milestone in the cooperation between XCMG, Vega power and Perkins. This model is xg815 w (15t) and uses Perkins 1104c-44ta engine

· the 1104c-44ta model is a low-noise device with a displacement of 4.4 liters. The operation cost is cheaper, but the performance is significantly improved compared with similar products. The maximum power can reach 97 kW (2200 r when it is used in the design of seats PM), and the low-speed torque is also significantly increased

· after the unveiling ceremony, bill Giunta, general manager of Perkins global sales and marketing, extended sincere congratulations to Bai Feiping, executive president of Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and especially thanked Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. for giving Perkins the opportunity to contribute to the overseas market of Chinese construction machinery

· Perkins engine is the strategic supporting power of Xiamen Engineering Group's wheel excavators. Among the whole series of wheel excavators, Perkins is the only imported engine matching power, which will be applied to 6T and 10t products in the future

Perkins global sales and marketing general manager has been introduced to the market through a variety of mature technologies. Zhu Enda (right) and Bai Feiping, executive president of Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (left)

delivered a speech at the ceremony and unveiled the new wheel excavator

ZHU Enda, general manager of Perkins global sales and marketing (left), and Lei Lichang, general manager of weijiadong, an agent in South China, took a group photo next to xg815w

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