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Keep boasting! Covestro won the double "Care Award"

boasting constantly! Covestro won the double "Care Award"

April 25th, 2019

care is a self-discipline action of the global chemical industry to continuously improve the performance of health, safety, environment and other aspects. It is a specific practice of enterprises to care for employees, care for society, fulfill society and pursue sustainable development. Vigorously promoting care will help implement the scientific concept of development, promote the transformation of development mode, speed up structural adjustment, promote the construction of ecological civilization in the industry, establish a good image of the industry, and promote the high-quality development of the industry

yes, there are a lot of honors in April

1. On April 19, the "2019 China force resolution can almost reach 1/100000 care promotion conference" held every four years in Beijing, which was organized by the care working committee of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries (cpcif RCC) and the care leading group of the International Federation of Chemical Associations (ICCA rclg), Covestro won the title of "the second best practice unit of care in China's petroleum and chemical industry", which can be called the "Oscar" level experimental method regulation award in the film industry

2. On April 18, at the biennial 2019 International Association of chemical manufacturers (AICM) care award ceremony, covestro won the "care leader award", the industry's top award coating of AICM, for the third time in a row after winning the following energy-saving measures awards in 2015 and 2017, which were used in the development and development of experimental machines

the heavy awards represent the "care" concept and practice practiced by costron in the aspects of environment, health and safety (HSE), enterprise society and sustainable development, and have been recognized by the industry and society

practicing care is never a slogan. Covestro will continue to implement it persistently, take promoting care and building green chemical industry as its own responsibility, and make new contributions to promoting the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry

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