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Braun reciprocating electric razor men's water washing razor flagship pneumatic 9 series 9295cc use evaluation

first use feeling: things are good, charging is fast, shaving is very clean and very satisfied, I am dry shaving has been as clean as gilly's manual shaving bubble, and I have developed non-ferrous metal powder metallurgy materials such as high-performance aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, etc. I will try the effect of wet shaving in a few days, and I have enough power, After shaving for a long time, my face is numb, and the service attitude of customer service No. 4 is also good. After I bought it, I reduced the price and made up the difference.

after using it for a period of time, evaluation:

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technical parameters: zbc1251

II. Configuration parameters of 9295cc flagship 9 series of men's washing razor of BORANG reciprocating electric razor

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