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Blue snow company pioneered the invisible handle technology of packaging box

recently used to cut off the whole motor source in case of emergency;, Sanmenxia Lanxue company has successfully developed the invisible handle placement technology for packaging cases, which is the first in China and fills the market gap

the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in preprint plate making and production of new packaging products. In view of the fact that the traditional lotion packaging boxes are all external plastic handles, which are high in production cost, easy to break and not environmental friendly, the company is committed to technological innovation, development and research to help you further understand the equipment, and has made the invisible handle placement technology of packaging boxes, which has been successful. This technology can reduce the production cost by more than 30%, greatly improve the grade of packaging boxes and product yield, and realize the upgrading of liquid milk and fruit juice packaging in China. At present, this new type of packing box has been produced in batch, providing product packaging for famous enterprises such as Mengniu, with considerable economic benefits

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