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Degradable: the future direction of packaging products

in recent years, China's packaging plastics have exceeded 4million tons. According to the prediction of relevant departments, the demand for plastic packaging materials in China will reach 5million tons in 2005. If 30% of them are disposable plastic packaging materials and products that are difficult to collect, the waste generation will reach 1.5 million tons; The surface load of mulchable plastic film in China increases slowly; This shows that the material has a movement and the stress corresponding to the point is called the upper movement limit, and the stress corresponding to the point is called the low movement limit. The product of the dynamic limit is more than 500 million mu, and the estimated demand for seedling pots, agricultural and sideline products fresh-keeping materials, etc. will reach 1million tons; Some disposable daily necessities and medical materials are also difficult to collect or not suitable for recycling, and their demand is expected to reach 1million tons. Accordingly, the plastic waste that is difficult to recycle will reach 3.5 million tons, and the resulting environmental problems will become increasingly serious. If 50% of them are replaced by degradable plastics, which are increasingly protected by the state for intellectual property rights, the demand for degradable plastics will reach 1.75 million tons. Therefore, degradable plastics have great market potential in China

environmentalists pointed out that according to statistics, China consumes about 6billion fast-food boxes and 5billion instant noodles bowls every year. In the future, China's packaging waste will increase at a rate of 3% - 5% per year

now, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries are vigorously developing degradable plastics, a new environmental protection material. After being discarded, degradable plastics can be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil and turned into substances harmless to the natural environment and human body. At present, polylactic acid made of corn is mostly used as raw material. At present, China is also paying close attention to the formulation of measures to prevent "White pollution  policies and regulations, the development prospect of degradable plastics industry is optimistic by insiders.

from the current situation, degradable plastics are most used in traditional plastic products, such as packaging products and disposable production products. In addition, the markets worth developing are all kinds of daily necessities, stationery, toys, civil engineering supplies and medical plastic products tear performance experiments.

because these fields are currently entered by people Less, large market demand, high added value, especially at present, China has begun to vigorously implement desert control, barren mountains planting trees and grass, urban planning, as well as various slope protection and soil consolidation projects. The use of disposable plastic products will increase greatly, which is a good opportunity for degradable plastics. Developing degradable packaging products is the future trend of China's packaging industry

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