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Future development of dairy packaging

"With the vigorous development of the dairy industry, dairy packaging has attracted more and more attention from the industry. For the production and printing enterprises of dairy packaging, only by grasping the development trend of the dairy market in real time and understanding the packaging demand of dairy products, can they accurately update the design, process and equipment, and lead the new trend of dairy packaging and even the whole packaging market while maintaining the synchronous development with the dairy industry."

with the vigorous development of dairy industry, dairy packaging has attracted more and more attention from the industry, and has a profound impact on the development pace and direction of dairy industry. Whether it is long-term milk or short-term fresh milk, in order to meet the needs of the market, unique shape, portability and drinking convenience are the basic requirements of dairy products packaging. For the production and printing enterprises of dairy products packaging, only by grasping the development trend of dairy products market in real time and understanding the packaging needs of dairy products, can they accurately update the design, process and equipment, while maintaining the synchronous development with the dairy industry, Lead the new trend of dairy packaging and even the whole packaging market

dairy products packaging will develop in a personalized, diversified and serialized way

with the intensification of competition in the dairy industry, in order to win more market share, enterprises often upgrade their products by using high-end carton packaging. However, because most of their carton packaging are similar and the box shape is monotonous, they cannot reflect the personality characteristics of dairy products of different enterprises and stimulate personalized consumption. At this time, the characteristics of simple molding and various morphological changes of plastic bottles will be favored by more and more enterprises, which has been reflected in the European packaging market. The plastic bottle filling equipment produced by France's Serac company has been widely used in the European market

at the same time, plastic cups, as the main packaging form of yogurt, have been very popular all over the world. Plastic cup packaging has also outstanding expressiveness to personalized requirements. Paper plastic composite materials are mostly used as cover materials in Europe, with beautiful printing and convenient opening. You can add a paper suit to the cup, and you can choose a multicolor cup body or a ring mark. These nuances often reflect the taste of a dairy enterprise

in addition, with the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, the application of various types of plastic bag packaging, such as pillow shaped bags, upright bags and special-shaped bags, is also gradually increasing. Plastic bags have the characteristics of low cost, portable, exquisite printing, various shapes and convenient recycling, so their application in milk and yogurt is also gradually increasing. Pillow bag milk has been very popular in the Chinese market, especially in the northern market

the packaging of dairy products should also launch personalized packaging according to the region, consumption habits, taste, economic ability, age level and so on. The first is to introduce low-cost, long shelf-life and easy to transport packaging for the rural market to promote rural dairy consumption; Second, promote household packaging. Plastic barrels and bottles with a capacity of 0.5 gallons and more than 1 gallon will be increased, and household packaging with handles, easy to open and close, and easy to dump will be more popular; Third, children's dairy packaging should develop more attractive, appropriate packaging capacity, safe to drink packaging, such as polyhedron, stick, cartoon, etc; Fourth, dairy packaging for young people should reflect the characteristics of fashion, uniqueness, vitality and dynamism. Kangmeiduo plastic bag is the packaging of this concept; Fifth, the elderly population is increasing, and the packaging products should be simple, easy to open and affordable packaging; Sixth, the continuous prosperity of the tourism market, the rapid increase of business travelers, and the packaging of dairy drinks should be light, easy to carry, and opened without the help of tools

the safety and health requirements of packaging continue to improve

dairy products are a high timeliness product. In the process of processing and packaging, we must ensure that the microbial indicators of the final product meet the food safety requirements, and ensure that the final product is not polluted by chemical substances. Therefore, the safety and health of dairy products is the whole process safety from raw milk production to processing, packaging and consumption

first, the production and transportation of raw milk are safe, creating a safe milk source, and raw milk without drugs and biological pollution. The aseptic filling technology of box in bag and large bag aseptic filling technology can greatly improve the transportation quality of raw milk

the second is the strict and standardized process control of dairy sterilization and antivirus, packaging materials sterilization and antivirus, and the purification level of the production environment

the third is the compatibility between the resin, paperboard and the additives contained in the packaging materials, the chemicals and solvents of ink and adhesive, and the dairy products after packaging, and the health and safety brought by the migration and transfer

fourth, consumers should be convenient and reasonable in the process of secondary storage, unpacking and drinking, and it is not easy to be polluted again. Hangzhou Zhengda color printing factory, which won the gold medal of the 18th "DuPont global packaging award", has "self suction packaging bag" precisely because its straw is placed on one side of the bag, which is hygienic, and the special-shaped part of the fixed straw is cleverly designed and convenient to use

green packaging trend

the greening of packaging is the development trend of the whole packaging industry. Dairy packaging is the first requirement because of its extensive use. Dairy packaging continues to develop in the direction of "4r+1d", that is, low consumption, low quantity, reuse, recycling and degradability. The greening of dairy packaging should be reflected in the greening of the whole process. From raw material manufacturing to recycling, every link should be energy-saving, material saving, efficient and harmless

first, the use of green materials. As a fully biodegradable material, polylactic acid has been made into containers to package dairy products in some developed countries. Aclin packaging is also a kind of environmentally friendly packaging due to its low resin content. The use of new glass bottles is also growing. Use PET material instead of PS material to make cups, and use paper materials for cover films and labels

second, the packaging design is accurate, and there is no excessive packaging design. The wall thickness of the container is homogenized and thinned, and the design of large capacity packaging barrels relatively reduces the amount of materials

third, flexographic printing is adopted in the production process, and water-based ink is used to eliminate the pollution of chemical solvents

fourth, the recycling of packaging materials. For aseptic brick packaging with poor environmental protection, three recycling technologies have been developed: 1) hydraulic regeneration pulp technology, which separates Tetra Pak pulp to produce recycled paper, and extrudes the aluminum foil and plastic components into particles to become the raw materials of plastic aluminum products; 2) Plastic wood technology, Tetra Pak itself contains high-quality paper fibers and plastics, which can be crushed and extruded, and can be directly produced into indoor furniture, outdoor gardening facilities, industrial pallets and other plastic wood products; 3) Caile board technology, Tetra Pak is directly crushed and hot pressed to make Caile board, and then processed into beautiful and durable products such as peel boxes

design innovation of dairy products packaging

if the market of dairy products promotes the packaging design of dairy products, the development of dairy products packaging design will also promote the development of dairy products market. Dairy packaging design is the core link of dairy packaging, which determines the performance of packaging materials, the structure and shape of packaging, the processing technology of packaging, the color of packaging and the expression of text information

first, the high correlation between dairy products packaging and dairy products brand makes the differentiated design of dairy products packaging very critical, and the color, form, pattern and text should have strong brand characteristics. Packaging and marketing complement each other, which is conducive to shelf display

the second is the systematicness of the design, which fully takes into account the protection and quality assurance of the packaging materials and the rationality of the packaging capacity. The packaging and printing box modified plastic has won the favor of home appliance manufacturers because of its light weight, large degree of design freedom, low manufacturing cost and excellent performance. The feasibility of the process, the convenience of bottle caps, straws and other auxiliary elements, the convenience and timeliness of transportation and storage, etc

third, dairy packaging design requires close cooperation between dairy enterprises and packaging machinery and packaging material manufacturers in order to launch successful packaging

wide application of sterile packaging

dairy products with sterile packaging have the advantages of good taste and high nutritional value compared with dairy products with secondary sterilization, so dairy enterprises are actively considering adopting sterile packaging. At present, the popular sterile packaging in China is mainly carton packaging, paper pillow packaging and membrane pillow packaging. Plastic bottle aseptic packaging has been popular in developed countries, but due to its high initial investment, strict requirements for plant health conditions and staff quality, it will take some time to promote it in a large scale in the Chinese market. At present, the secondary cooking and sterilization packaging will still occupy a certain market share. For example, after market research, Swiss Nestle Company still chooses to produce secondary sterilization milk in the Philippines and Thailand with the substantial expansion of power battery capacity. It can be seen that secondary sterilization packaging still has a market in some regions

the integration trend of packaging machinery

because China's dairy enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and lack high-quality technicians and managers, enterprises are more willing to buy integrated solutions of packaging machinery, which can be seen from Tetra Pak's success in the Chinese market. However, as the integrated machinery has a great influence on the form and capacity of packaging, we should all have heard that the word "oil trapping phenomenon" can only be adjusted within a certain range and cannot meet the diversified change needs of packaging forms, so the single function packaging machinery will still do a lot. For packaging machinery suppliers, they should strengthen cooperation with each other and produce supporting products with suppliers of sterilization, processing and other equipment, so as to meet the different needs of dairy enterprises and gradually break the monopoly of foreign large enterprises

source of information: clamps widely used in high and low temperature are increased in East packaging

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