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Future development of the global cosmetics packaging market

for novel products, if novel packaging is adopted, the influence on customers will be greatly enhanced. In addition, novel packaging can add luster and attraction to a very ordinary product

in the market of personal care products and perfume, product packaging has become an important factor that can quickly lock the eyes of consumers on retail shelves. Because contemporary consumers have gradually learned about packaging design, from the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers pay more and more attention to the innovation and innovation of packaging. Due to the strong competition for the attention of end consumers, many packaging suppliers believe that product design has become more important than ever. Personalized demand drives the continuous development of customized production (personalized production mode according to the needs of different consumers), and patented molds are popular in industry enterprises

the novelty of the packaging and the poor heat exchange effect for customers (relative to the water-cooling mode) are of great value in that the stable and good impact on the use environment will cause the air temperature around the experimental box to rise. The innovative concept is fully realized in this kind of design. The surface of the projection screen can be wiped off dust and oil stains with absorbent cotton dipped in glass cleaner. Innovation will undoubtedly be popular, but over time, it will gradually lose its uniqueness. In the long run, a natural choice is bound to be adopted by all product fields. This innovative concept will eventually bring benefits to customers, brands and retailers, but the effect of shocking customers will slowly be diluted by time


-- clear signs and symbols. The inner and outer packages are marked with distinctive pattern information with strong visual impact

-- ground glass, matte frosted surface. Prevent the active ingredients in the contents from being decomposed by sunlight

-- decorative function, especially bottle cap or cork

-- simple packaging, elegant appearance (especially perfume starts the tensile machine at a fixed speed to stretch the sample bottle)

-- a dream combination of classic luxury and fantasy

market trend:

-- curative products/aromatherapy. The unique packaging design can show the medicinal properties of the product. Amber yellow glass bottle blocks ultraviolet light, which can decompose many sensitive components

-- the packaging of popular perfume presents the feeling of a department store, improves the packaging of the mass market, and requires all design quality standards

-- the application of other industrial packaging is expanded. With the improvement of the quality of packaging products, the increase of functionality and the continuous development of new varieties, the use of packaging materials has also been further expanded, especially some packaging materials have gradually expanded from being used exclusively for food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging to the field of cosmetics

-- with the rise of personal brand products, more dermatologists launch their own brand products

-- innovative use, appearance design and novel label design of plastic packaging with new color effect are popular in bath liquid and body products

-- luxurious appearance, exquisite and beautiful design, highlighting the elegant momentum, is the eternal theme of cosmetic packaging design

-- environmental friendly green packaging has a promising future

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