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The future development of packaging machinery is bright

the development of professional plastic machinery has driven the development of packaging machinery such as packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, strapping machine, automatic strapping machine, etc. the steel belt manual packaging machine is a new and advanced pneumatic packaging machine. It is mainly used for steel enterprises and non-ferrous metal enterprises to pack all kinds of small-sized pipes, plates, profiles and other products. It is also suitable for packing all kinds of products in wooden cases

to provide integrated solutions for products. The development of plastic machinery industry should be combined with China's national conditions and the basic reality of existing industries, and strengthen three links, that is, to link plastic machinery with the high-end manufacturing industry and seek development to high-efficiency industries; It is related to the important industries that affect the national economy and the specific needs closely related to people's lives, highlighting the important mother machine position of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry; Connect the plastic machinery and its processed products with the national policy of sustainable development, and realize the sustainable development of the plastic machinery industry through the coverage and huge output of the plastic industry. Then what kind of materials can be used to manufacture mobile phones, which can make a series of important contributions to high-end development and scientific development, and reflect the overall planning and development trend of green development of the industry

according to the current situation of the industry, enterprises should continue to be encouraged to obtain high-tech through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfer, etc., but the phenomenon of foreign capital borrowing joint ventures to swallow up domestic enterprises should be prevented; Formulate corresponding policies, encourage enterprises to increase the development investment in science and technology and products, and focus on supporting the independent research and development of technologies and equipment such as high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic injection molding machines, Baling Machines, winding machines, vacuum packaging machines, lightweight technologies and equipment for plastic products, as well as several methods for everyone to maintain and protect the tensile machine above high efficiency and low pollution plastic recycling and reuse; Enterprises are encouraged to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels, cooperate with scientific research institutions to establish plastic machine R & D institutions, and actively use government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation ability of domestic enterprises. Only in this way, China's machinery industry will be further improved

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