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The way out for the future development of food machinery manufacturing industry is to transform to intellectualization

as a pillar industry of national economic development, manufacturing industry plays a self-evident role in economic transformation and upgrading. With the intensification of global market competition, China's food machinery manufacturing industry has also gradually undergone new changes. First, it has basically realized automation, but in the new situation, automation is not enough to give full play to the great potential of the manufacturing industry. When converting from automation to intelligent sample preparation, it is necessary to avoid the influence of cold and hot processing on the material organization, which has become the inevitable way for the transformation and upgrading of the food machinery manufacturing industry

in order to adapt to the intensification of market competition, in recent years, China's food machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes, including filling and reinforcing materials, such as the transformation from mass production of enterprises to flexible production according to market or customer requirements. In the current medical field, the design and control systems are independently transformed into the integration of design and control systems, and the production in a certain place is transformed into global procurement and production, The requirements of manufacturing plants for quality, cost, efficiency and safety are also constantly improving. Jinan Shijin is a nationally renowned enterprise. It can be predicted that these changes will promote the development and application of automation technology into a new stage of development

intellectualization is the future development direction of food machinery manufacturing automation, but these technologies are not new creatures, and their large-scale applications in the manufacturing industry have become increasingly apparent. In fact, for the current Chinese manufacturing industry, the application of intelligent manufacturing technology is not a difficult problem. The current problem is that if only a part of the enterprise is intelligent, but the overall optimization cannot be guaranteed, the significance of this kind of intelligence is limited

automatic control technology can not only implement intelligent regulation on the production line, but also ensure the safety of unified and standard operation. It is believed that the future development will enable large-scale end users to invest one after another, making the development of food machinery more efficient, economical and high process content. China's food machinery and equipment believes that, from automation to intellectualization, although the intellectualization process of China's food machinery manufacturing industry still has a long way to go, with the continuous development of technology, food machinery products will inevitably develop in the direction of intellectualization, which is an inevitable choice for the transformation of food machinery manufacturing industry

the development of food machinery towards intellectualization is beginning to take shape.

automatic operation procedures have been applied to more advanced food machinery systems, such as PLG equipment, the application of data collection system represents the trend of advanced food packaging system. In order to ensure a high level of productivity, automatic inspection system and efficient automatic system are essential. In the future, industrial machines, intelligent control, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in food and packaging machinery, and food machinery will develop in the direction of automation, high efficiency and energy conservation

at present, many intelligent food machines have appeared in the market. For example, whirlpool intelligent dishwasher features the use of sixth sense live technology, which allows you to remotely control and monitor how many points have been used. The dishwasher itself can also send a notification push to your smart to remind you that the dishes have been cleaned. Like your own smart washing machine, lgthinq smart oven also has WiFi function built-in. You can set the oven temperature remotely through intelligence. The end application even includes some meal plans, which can be directly applied to the oven to achieve a smarter and healthier diet

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