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Future development trend of steel price? The view of CISA leaders is here

On August, 2017 (the sixth) China coal and coke industry conference was held in Shangri La Hotel in Shenzhen (Futian), attracting more than 600 elite representatives from the upstream and downstream of steel, coal, iron ore and other related industrial chains, as well as financial institutions, industry associations and government departments

Wang Yingsheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, delivered a keynote speech at the conference

Wang Yingsheng pointed out that the achievements of the iron and steel industry since this year are not only the results of the country's promotion of supply side structural reform, but also due to the efforts to resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel, ban the "ground bar steel" and other policy measures, but also the result of the hard work of the majority of enterprises in the industry. It can be said that there are both factors of improving the external business environment and the continuous improvement of the internal management level

Wang Yingsheng believes that banning "ditiao steel" and withdrawing it from the historical stage "is a great event in the history of China's steel industry."

in the first half of the year, the sales and profits of member enterprises of CISA increased significantly year-on-year, and some long-term loss making enterprises also turned losses into profits, which boosted the morale and confidence of the industry and enterprises

next, Wang Ying timely adjusted Yingsheng's understanding of several problems in the steel industry. He believed that the market's understanding of the profit per ton of steel of steel enterprises was actually wrong. After covering the costs of depreciation, management, marketing, finance and so on, the profit may be only 200 yuan per ton of rebar

"in the first half of 2017, the gross profit margin of the whole ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry was 8.39%, and the sales profit margin of ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry was 3.67%, which was basically consistent with the profitability of member enterprises, both lower than the profit margin of industrial enterprises above designated size."

in addition, Wang Yingsheng also mentioned that environmental protection is a challenge that the steel industry must face. He pointed out that in the past ten years of the new century, the environmental protection indicators of the steel industry have been greatly improved. The experimenter who first systematically studied the fatigue phenomenon was German A. who. Since 1847, he has carried out in-depth and systematic research on metal fatigue in the 23 years as the director of locomotive and rolling stock plants and machinery plants, and some steel enterprises have reached or even exceeded the steel enterprises in developed countries

Wang Yingsheng also said that in the future, it is necessary to continue to maintain the stable operation of the industry. The capacity reduction is still on the road. The experimental machine industry should make a breakthrough in non-contact deformation measurement technology and fully automatic deformation measurement technology as soon as possible. Zombie enterprises, floor bars, new production capacity, personnel placement, and debt disposal all need to be g. after the test, automatic archiving and manual archiving can be solved

secondly, we hope to curb speculation and prevent irrational large fluctuations in steel prices

third, enterprises should seize the favorable opportunity of the current improvement in production and operation, and strive to improve the financial structure

fourth, we should accelerate the structural reform of the steel industry

at present, the output of electric furnace steel accounts for only 6% of the national crude steel output, which is relatively low internationally. With the increase of China's social scrap accumulation, the proportion of electric furnace steel will gradually increase, which is inevitable. Its development should be considered as a long-term plan

finally, he pointed out that the goal set by the steel association is to reduce the industry's asset liability ratio to less than 60% within a year

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