The annual power generation of the hottest Taizhou

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Taizhou's annual power generation capacity was 20.057.4 billion kwh, exceeding the 2018 annual task

as of 24:00 on December 31, the National Energy Group Co., Ltd. set a new record of 3874 days of continuous safe production without accidents. It has completed an annual total of 20.0557.4 billion kwh, with an annual utilization of 5139 hours, exceeding the declared amount of automotive materials entering the aluminum period. The company has accumulated 6.5422 million GJ of external heat supply, and the external heat supply has increased for three consecutive years, Continue to optimize the operation mode of economic heating and successfully complete the annual power generation task

in 2019, the direct trading scale of electricity in Jiangsu Province rose to about 300billion kwh. In recent years, as the trading scale of electricity has increased year by year, the base electricity has been squeezed step by step, and the new situation of power generation has become more and more serious. The company has strengthened its operation management, determined the power generation, power supply coal consumption, environmental emission performance, power consumption of power plants, standardization of safe production, assessment and reward of two rules There are seven operation technical and economic indicators in total for the number of days of trouble free continuous operation of the unit; Relevant majors should clarify the key elements and key indicators in combination with actual work, re prepare the differential benefit improvement plan, pay attention to it from time to time, assign responsibility to each person, regularly update the completion situation and analyze the implementation measures; Each team carried out a total of 128 key elements in four aspects, including safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and conducted a value-added competition and differential benefit analysis

innovatively implement safety production. The company conscientiously performs the main body of safety production, implements the safety production system of the same responsibility of the party and the government, one post with double responsibilities, and accountability for dereliction of duty. Through task decomposition, the company signs letters at all levels to ensure that everyone is on duty. Clarify the assessment objectives and reward and punishment system, and promote the orderly progress of key work. At the same time, a list of problems, a list of objectives and tasks, and a list of continuous leading equipment performance were formulated. The reporter learned from the press conference of Western China (Chongqing) plastic ecological industrial park that all aspects of production management were decomposed into elements to form an element list. One by one, we will analyze the benefits of each element from the aspects of system and mechanism, standards and implementation, equipment and technology, team performance, etc. compared with the advanced industry and historical level, and form an improvement plan

fully promote risk pre control. The company carries out hazard identification activities with full participation and comprehensive coverage, and implements hierarchical control of general risks and major risks through risk assessment. Since October, the company has conscientiously implemented the group company's measures for the management of employee safety risk analysis and pre control. All departments and teams have made full use of pre shift meetings, post shift meetings and centralized learning classes, and carried out risk pre control education and training in combination with the actual situation of the post and professional characteristics, and organized employee exchanges. The operation department formulates and tries out the "current work safety risk database of operation Department staff", and strives to explore a management mode of employee personal risk analysis and pre control that is actually in line with the actual situation of each post of operation staff, so that the risk pre control work can be truly and effectively implemented

build a firewall for safe production. The company solidly carried out safety inspection in summer to meet the peak, special rectification activities to prevent falling from high altitude, and Youth Escort activities for safe production, strictly grasped the implementation of the two tickets and three systems, firmly established the concept that violations are accidents, ensured the accuracy of various operations through anti violations, strengthened on-site hidden danger investigation, and solidly built an intrinsically safe enterprise. The high temperature weather this summer lasts a long time, and the unit has been in high load operation for a long time. Safety management must be more strict and careful. In the face of the continuous high temperature, heat and typhoon rainstorm weather, the company issued the work plan for peak summer, flood control and typhoon resistance in 2018, carefully checked the objects that need to be paid attention to during peak summer in steam turbine, boiler, electrical, chemical, ash sulfur and other areas, and strengthened the screening of steam turbine room, unit equipment Strictly implement prevention and control measures for potential safety hazards in key parts such as drainage facilities

work together to strive for power generation. The company actively practiced the group's socialism is a post building action, carried out the activities of competing for power every minute, and carefully protected the theme of safety. On the one hand, pay attention to the small amount of electricity in front of the panel, closely grasp the trend of electric load by operating each value, communicate and strive for in time, and improve the load rate of the unit; Set up a publicity display board in the centralized control room to strengthen party building and security, compete for electricity, reduce coal prices and increase profits, and update the monthly electricity completion statistics in real time, so that each employee can understand the real-time task goals, the overall power generation situation, and promote the completion of electricity goals; According to the load demand and coal type, refine the blending list, strengthen the cooperation between departments, communicate and do a good job in the fuel bunkering plan and blending plan, and ensure the maximization of the power generation efficiency of the unit; According to the load of four units and the user demand of heating in vigorously developing high-end materials, adjust the operation mode of economic heating to ensure the optimization of economic indicators of unit operation. On the other hand, relying on the value competition, we should establish an effective incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff to rush to generate and exceed the power generation, so as to ensure that the power generation is excessive and not under generated every day

in 2018, the company fully implemented the 1169 development strategy of the group company, actively focused on key work deployment, focused on power generation, controlled coal consumption for power generation, adjusted economic heating methods, and comprehensively helped the enterprise achieve the overall goals of maintaining A-class and five-star enterprises, maintaining regional and group leadership, and maintaining enterprise safety. 2019 is the key year for the company to create first-class work, and the people of Taidian will continue to set sail to create first-class

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