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<2205p> Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has entered the "world top 500 machinery enterprises" with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. If it is said that entering the "world top 500 machinery" is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, then having the manufacturing capacity of shield machine shows that the North heavy industry group company has already possessed the core elements of a world-class enterprise. It has changed the image of "stupid, big, black and coarse" products in the past, and become a "high-precision and sophisticated" product manufacturer of major equipment, realizing the magnificent turn of the enterprise

at present, North heavy industry has four industrial parks, covering an area of 1.39 million square meters, with 12300 employees. Therefore, in the process of rapid decline in the viscosity of colloid debugged by electronic tensile testing machine, the total assets are 7.9 billion yuan. In 2007, North Heavy Industry Group Corporation achieved the goal of output value of 10 billion yuan

in the first half of 2008, with the rise in the price of raw materials such as steel, many economic indicators of northern heavy industry achieved a leap forward growth, and the order amount, loan recovery, capital inflow, etc. made a great breakthrough compared with the same period in 2007, and many indicators reached a record high

figures can only represent the past of enterprises. Only when enterprises form the core competitive advantage that laboratory machine manufacturers should be responsible for repair, replacement and return, can they occupy the future market and achieve sustainable development. To this end, North Heavy Industries has formulated an overall set of development strategies for ten categories of products, so as to seize the commanding height of technological innovation

the independent research and development of shield machine is the highlight of major complete set innovation of North heavy industry. With an investment of 150million yuan, the company has built a pilot base of a full series of full face TBMs with a total area of 60000 square meters, namely the national shield machine test center, to comprehensively carry out the research on the key basic technologies of shield machines. At present, the manufacturing and R & D capacity of shield machine of North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. is at the leading level in China, and is striding forward to the world advanced level. The continuous emergence of a number of large complete sets of products and technologies represented by shield machines has made a great leap forward for Northern heavy industry group corporation

at present, the North heavy industry group company has decided to develop its products in the direction of electromechanical hydraulic integration, intelligent and integrated technology intensive complete sets of equipment, aiming at a number of large-scale, high-tech and highly integrated major products urgently needed in the field of major technical equipment at home and abroad, carrying out innovative development, and accelerating the development of metallurgical steel rolling, large-scale fully mechanized mining, cement, crushing and grinding, environmental protection, mine beneficiation, large-scale open-pit mines Medium density board, bulk material handling and transportation, as well as cutting-edge military products and other high-end technical equipment

in 2007, Shenzhong coal mill and Shenzhong cement vertical roller mill won the title of "Chinese famous brand product". In 2007, NORINCO completed 34 scientific research projects and won 19 national, provincial and municipal medals. In 2007, new products of northern heavy industry accounted for more than 50% of the annual sales revenue; The conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements has reached more than 90% in three years

on March 12, 2008, North Heavy Industry Group signed a contract with South Korea SamSung Engineering Co., Ltd. with a total amount of US $40.25 million, marking that North heavy industry has gone abroad and entered the international high-end market. Subsequently, a large number of orders poured in. So far, North heavy industry group has achieved a foreign trade order volume of 230million US dollars. In 2010, the goal of North heavy industry is to achieve a total industrial output value of 20billion yuan

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