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The annual output value of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry increased by 130%. The informatization goal is to manage the cockpit

Dr. zhuqifeng, vice chairman and chief financial officer of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry), is responsible for the informatization construction and planning of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry). He believes that informatization is a highlight to attract investors. In Zhu Qifeng's view, only by using information technology to transform this 150 year old shipyard can Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry reach a new level

informatization is a powerful weapon

in recent years, the production efficiency and benefits of Xiamen shipbuilding industry have been rising. Under the heavy impact of the global financial crisis on the shipbuilding industry, the total industrial output value in 2008 was 2.744 billion yuan, an increase of 91.68% year-on-year; Export earned foreign exchange of US $312.68 million, an increase of 85.3% year-on-year; Profit increased by 262.61% year-on-year. In the first half of 2009, the total industrial output value was 1.367 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the annual plan, with a year-on-year increase of 0.4%; To form a strong ability to resist the financial crisis, the role of informatization cannot be underestimated

in the face of the highly competitive world ship market, especially the current global downturn in the shipbuilding industry and the continuous bottoming of ship prices, reducing costs and increasing efficiency has become an urgent problem for ship enterprises. Under the financial crisis, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. proposed to "reduce costs and increase efficiency, increase revenue and reduce expenditure". Informatization is a powerful weapon for it to achieve this goal

Informatization is one of the five development strategies of Xiamen shipbuilding industry. According to the plan, 20million yuan will be invested in the six years from 2003 to 2009 to complete the implementation of the whole informatization project in three phases. Not long ago, the third phase of the project - Digital agile shipbuilding system has just passed the acceptance of Xiamen science and Technology Bureau. So far, Xiamen shipbuilding industry informatization project has achieved strategic results

the business and management characteristics of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. are that it is produced according to orders, and the value of a single product is large, so it cannot be trial produced, and only one-time success is allowed; The production cycle of the product is long, and the material cost accounts for a significant proportion of the unit product cost; Large capital flow and high financial risk; High equipment investment and maintenance cost; Multi type cross non assembly line operation; The implementation of the general assembly strategy of taking segments as intermediate products, that is, the shipbuilding strategy of carbon fiber reinforced carbon basic composites, has many outsourcing plants. Such a huge and complex manufacturing system is quite complex to manage, and there will be many problems without the support of informatization

according to Zhu Qifeng, in the past, we often saw workers quarreling because the data was "not right" in the workshop. For example, in the workshop and material department, one thought that the steel plate was given while the other said that it was not given. In the final analysis, this is a problem in management. Without the support of modern management tools, it is impossible to explain the problem with accurate data, let alone achieve transparent management

therefore, in May 2003, the company began the implementation of the first phase of informatization project, with a total investment of 8.354 million yuan, and completed the construction of the central computer room and factory level network, as well as the implementation of data security, contract account and budget management, design, steel plate warehouse management, material purchase price comparison, office management and other systems, and completed the infrastructure of informatization construction

in May 2005, when the first phase of the project was completed, Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy industry continued to invest 5.647 million yuan and further began the construction of the second phase of the informatization project - "digital shipbuilding". After two years, the second phase of the project was completed in June 2007, and has made significant improvements on the basis of the first phase. In the "three-dimensional and collaborative design" Breakthroughs have been made in the three aspects of "integrated management of asset quota, procurement plan, procurement contract, warehousing, outbound, centralized allocation and cost collection" and "budget management with financial management as the core, budget management as the key, business contract as the basis and fund management as the main line"

after the completion of phase II project, Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry immediately began to implement phase III project. In, Xiamen shipbuilding industry initially achieved the three "agile" goals of ship design agility, manufacturing agility and management agility in two years, and initially built a "digital agile shipbuilding system" suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise, ranking among the advanced ranks of informatization in the domestic shipbuilding industry

Dr. zhuqifeng, vice chairman and chief financial officer of Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen shipbuilding industry) is responsible for the informatization construction and planning of the company. He believes that informatization is a highlight to attract investors. In Zhu Qifeng's view, only by using information technology to transform this 150 year old shipyard can Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry reach a new level

five information systems

at present, the product research and development design and enterprise management of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry are carried out on the five information system platforms. When talking about the informatization of the company, Zhu Qifeng was very modest. He described it this way: "the informatization of our enterprise is not the best, but it is quite distinctive."

1. Ship design system

since 2007, Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has used a full set of TRIBON ship design system to replace several sets of professional design software originally used from different manufacturers, and built a full three-dimensional design on the same platform. Their global spread is to rely on the wood packaging material environment used in international shipping, and professional designers carry out product design in an intuitive and unified design environment. Enterprises also organize personnel to carry out a lot of secondary development work on the design system to meet the personalized needs of design drawings, processes, material reports and so on. In addition, by integrating the design system with CNC cutting equipment and other management systems, the rapid data transmission between the design system and CNC equipment is realized, which provides accurate data for the quota, procurement, centralized distribution, etc. of the logistics system

2. Logistics (cost) management system

in May this year, we completed the work of material quota, pallet distribution subsystem, accounting, warehouse ledger, etc. Among them, the material quota is issued by the design department through the logistics system. After decomposition, it is used as the basis for material procurement and workshop picking. The design department issues pallets, and the material department carries out material distribution on time and in quantity according to workshop operations to ensure production. Through material arrival and invoice management, the logistics (cost) management system is integrated with the comprehensive budget system as the basis for fund payment. In April, 2009, the material warehouse was completely separated from the manual account and changed to the electronic account

3. Comprehensive budget system

Zhu Qifeng told that in August this year, the third version of the comprehensive budget system will be put into operation, which is derived from the contract management system developed in 2003. The new version of the comprehensive budget system will take the whole life management of contracts as the main line, and implement the annual budget through the management of enterprise economic business contracts. Moreover, the results can be fed back to the annual budget system through the monitoring of the contract execution process. The system mainly includes system setup, contract management, annual budget management, monthly budget management, fund management, query report and other modules

4. Operation class resource management system

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shipbuilding is a huge and complex work, and details are often easy to be neglected. The operation class resource management system independently developed by Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy industry realizes the fine management of personnel, wages, production tools, equipment and low-cost goods in various production departments

5. Material procurement network inquiry platform

this platform is a major feature of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy industry informatization work generally recognized by Zhu Qifeng himself and manufacturing informatization experts. Cost is the most concerned problem of Zhu Qifeng, who came from finance. In Xiamen shipbuilding industry, purchase price control is a very important factor to achieve cost control

In 2003, Zhu Qifeng organized technicians to develop a material procurement network inquiry platform. By July 2009, the latest version of the material procurement network inquiry platform has been officially launched. The implementation of the material procurement network inquiry platform has effectively integrated the enterprise material procurement process, replaced the previous "loose" procurement mode with centralized network procurement, and replaced the cumbersome level by level approval mechanism with centralized bid opening and review mechanism. In the past few years since the implementation of the platform, the enterprise material procurement process has been effectively optimized, the efficiency of material procurement has been greatly improved, and the supplier management level has also been greatly improved, truly realizing the "sunshine procurement" of ship materials

an interesting thing happened. After the implementation of the system, fewer people came to the company canteen to eat. This is because in the past, many suppliers came to the company to contact business. In order to strengthen interpersonal relations, they often stayed in the canteen for dinner. After the application of this system, suppliers gradually understand that it is useless to get in touch with someone, so fewer people will stay for dinner

reduce costs and increase efficiency

after the implementation of the informatization project, the production efficiency and work efficiency of the company have been significantly improved

first of all, the design man hour is saved by more than 10%, the design accuracy is significantly improved, the amount of on-site rework is reduced, and the consumption of raw materials is reduced by 2%-3%, thus reducing the common faults and solutions of the ring stiffness testing machine for produced pipes. Taking 2600teu container ship as an example, the new design system improves the accuracy by 20% compared with the original design, reduces the on-site modification by 30%, and saves more than 2 million yuan per ship

secondly, the production cycle is shortened. Taking the company's advantageous product 4900pctc Automobile Ro ro ship as an example, the slipway and wharf cycle are shortened from more than 190 days of the first "morning miracle" to about 120 days respectively; The integrity of ship launching has been improved from 80% to more than 95%

thirdly, the output value of the company increased significantly, and the sales revenue in 2006, 2007 and 2008 reached 700million yuan, 1.28 billion yuan and 2.8 billion yuan respectively. Informatization has brought obvious direct or indirect economic benefits to enterprises. In 2007, with the completion of two phases of informatization projects, the gross output value of Xiamen shipbuilding industry reached 1.4 billion yuan, an increase of 130% over the annual output value of 610 million yuan in 2002 before the implementation of informatization; In 2008, with another production line put into operation, the annual output value climbed to 2.744 billion yuan. For the future of the company's information construction, Zhu Qifeng pointed his next goal to the management cockpit. (end)

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