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In recent years, China's hardware lock industry has developed steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%, with an annual total output value of more than 180billion yuan and exports of more than 8billion US dollars. In recent years, China's hardware lock industry has developed steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%, with an annual total output value of more than 180billion yuan and an export of more than 8billion US dollars. It accounts for about 1/3 of the total export volume of China's light industry, ranking among the top three in light industry. Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmo Electromechanical, pointed out that at least 95% of China's hardware industry is private enterprises, and private enterprises have also become the main force in the development of the hardware lock industry. In the international hardware lock market, due to the rapid development of production technology and rising labor prices, developed countries in Europe and the United States have transferred ordinary products to developing countries to produce only high value-added products, while China has a strong market labor force and has become a major processing and export country in the hardware lock industry. Among many hardware lock enterprises in China, the survival and development of small and medium-sized private enterprises has become the key to the healthy development of the industry

in the global and integrated market economy environment, China's hardware lock industry is also facing fierce market competition. Especially in the global environment of the financial crisis and economic crisis, the fierce market competition and price competition are more fierce than ever before. As a small and medium-sized enterprise in the hardware lock industry, how to find a way out? How to survive in the competition is an urgent place to be studied and improved

look at the development of the lock industry from the origin and history of the lock; From the current environment of the lock industry, we can see the main strategies of industry competition. Luo Baihui said that the main method of the research is to use the principles of strategic management, global management, marketing management and management economics to analyze the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises in the hardware lock industry, find out the corresponding relationship between competitive strategies and related factors, find survival and development strategies, and form specific feasible proposal

lock is the product of security, which is well known. Its variety is complex, the grade is widely different, and the price is different. China's lock industry is still in a very backward state, and the average price of lock is also very low, which is only 1/15 of that of Britain, the United States and other countries after investigation In foreign countries, the price of lock is usually higher than that of door, because lock is the heart of door. At present, the development of new varieties of locks abroad is very active, and many new materials, new technologies and new processes are constantly applied to the lock industry. Locks are breaking through the commonly used mechanical marble lock mode and evolving to a safer electronic lock. Although many advanced locks continue to come out, they have not solved the problem of invisibility. Some components of all locks are exposed outside the door. The possibility of lock damage must exist, and the safety problem is always threatened

due to the development of sound, light, machinery, electricity and magnetism, the design of locks has also undergone great changes. By 1974, the United States had successfully studied six electronic lock circuits

by 1985, the lock industry in the United States and Japan accounted for 10% of the sales of all kinds of locks in the sales of electronic locks. The Japanese lock industry began to develop electronic locks with all its strength. Since 1985, the development of electronic lock production in the world has surged. The international lock industry represented by Yale lock factory in the United States, Xisha group in Europe and DOM company in West Germany has developed more than ten kinds of electronic locks, including electronic card locks

at present, there are more than 1000 enterprises with annual sales of more than 5million yuan in China, with an annual export volume of 950million US dollars and domestic sales of about 20billion yuan. However, we must face up to the fact that the medium and high-end products of export products account for only 15% - 20%, while China's high-end products should be changed according to the provisions of the mechanical nameplate to limit the diameter. Developed countries can only be regarded as medium-end products, and low prices are a common phenomenon. In addition, there is only one independent brand in China's current export products. Compared with foreign products, whether it is brand awareness or product price, China's lock products have a very big gap. Perhaps Jin Chengli is such a person

poor brand awareness is a common phenomenon in China's lock industry, which is closely related to the relatively special development experience of the industry. In fact, lock production in China has a long history as other traditional industries. In the era of planned economy, there were 270 lock manufacturing enterprises in China, including many brands with a history of 100 years. At that time, whether it was the design level, the progressiveness of equipment or the quality of personnel, they were on a par with advanced countries, and there were many products with advanced design and good quality

in the past 20 years, after several changes, only one enterprise has survived. Sanhuan lock, which has a history of more than 70 years, is the only export product with its own brand, and another old brand has already been sold to foreign investors. All other domestic lock enterprises active in the market today are private enterprises newly established since the reform and opening up, and their founders are almost farmers who have turned from land to industry. Many lock enterprises are in the process of panning for the first pot of gold and have no time to cultivate brands. Short, low starting point, compared with foreign brands with a hundred years of history, China's young brands naturally lack confidence

in addition, the lack of management and restriction means is also the reason why China's locks have few well-known brands and can only compete for food in the low-end market. China's lock industry is in a state of free development. In addition to the performance characteristics that the industry association can play a certain guiding role, no external force can play a role in the future construction of enterprises, such as

poor brand awareness restricts the development of the industry. The first is that the scientific and technological content, quality and price of lock products in China are significantly lower than the advanced level of developed countries. The most direct manifestation of poor brand awareness is the insufficient investment of enterprises in design and research, purchase of advanced equipment and molds, training of professionals and after-sales service. The lock industry is not only a traditional industry, but also closely related to high and new technology. A lock seems simple, but it can only be completed through 110 processes. Only professionals with advanced design level and equipment and high quality can produce products with high added value. For example, the same raw materials, using different equipment and molds, produce products with completely different quality. The performance in the development of high-tech products is also very obvious. Germany has produced silent locks, and the market price has reached more than 400 euros per lock

in addition, poor brand awareness also narrows the development thinking of enterprises. Lock manufacturers in many developed countries have embarked on the road of product matching and serialization. When Chinese enterprises mention diversified development, they don't think of lock related products, but industries similar to real estate and restaurants

a lack of brand awareness in an industry naturally makes it difficult to have a well-known brand. According to Jinmo Electromechanical, this situation in the lock industry has taken a turn for the better. Eight enterprises with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan in Wenzhou have formed a group, one of which is to build an aircraft carrier for China's lock industry

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