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The annual output value of Nine Dragons Paper Dongguan base is expected to reach 16billion yuan

Nine Dragons Paper Dongguan base is expected to achieve an output value of 16billion yuan this year. This is an interview with Jiu a few days ago. You will know the following information only after you understand it in detail. Figure 2 can carry out 3-point zigzag experiment, 4-point zigzag experiment, sheet metal tensile experiment, thick plate tensile experiment, strengthened steel bar tensile experiment, chain tensile experiment, fastener experiment, connecting rod experiment, change fatigue experiment, bending torsion composite fatigue experiment, interactive zigzag fatigue experiment, CT experiment CCT test, gear fatigue test Transition stabilization system. Nine Dragons Paper will continue to implement the concept of diversified management of paper products in the future

Zhang Yin said that it is the management principle of Nine Dragons Paper to strengthen the green management level of the whole industry chain. Nine Dragons is also committed to diversifying its product range. In addition to kraft linerboard, high-strength corrugated paper, coated gray whiteboard and other products, nine dragons also added environmental friendly cultural paper with waste paper as the main raw material last year. This product of Nine Dragons was quickly recognized by the market because it met the requirements of today's low-carbon and environmental protection concept, with more advantageous price and excellent quality

although many places have offered generous conditions to Zhang Yin in recent years, hoping that nine dragons will move its headquarters there, these invitations were declined by Zhang Yin. Speaking of the history of settling down in Dongguan, Zhang Yin has always believed that this is a wise choice. Nine dragons can be said to have grown up with Mayong. Zhang Yin said she was very satisfied with the service sincerity and administrative efficiency of the Dongguan and Mayong town governments

when talking about the future development of nine dragons, Zhang Yin said that first of all, we will grasp the domestic market of China. In her opinion, the high-speed development period of the paper industry has passed. Although Nine Dragons Paper achieved a production growth of about 20% last year, the next five years is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of about 10%. Nine Dragons will further expand to the international market according to the market and development conditions and in combination with its own financial situation

Zhang Yin also revealed that nine dragons Dongguan base is applying to the government for merger, hoping to merge the original enterprises into one. By then, the total annual output value of Nine Dragons Dongguan base this year is expected to reach 16billion yuan

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