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Chery heavy industry wisdom's annual overseas sales may exceed US $250million

Chery heavy industry wisdom's annual overseas sales may exceed US $250million

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Guide: Anhui Chery heavy industry, which produces agricultural machinery, exports agricultural machinery and equipment orders of more than US $110million to Ethiopia, which has been successfully delivered recently. The order of more than 2000 agricultural machinery and equipment has become the largest export order of China's agricultural machinery industry this year. It is reported that the company expects overseas sales of more than 250million US dollars this year

Chery heavy industries, which produces agricultural machinery from Anhui Chery company, has successfully delivered the agricultural machinery and equipment order of more than US $110million exported to Ethiopia recently. The order of more than 2000 agricultural machinery and equipment has become the largest export order in China's agricultural machinery industry since this year. It is reported that the company expects to sell more than 2 decoration parts overseas this year: using IMD process, water-based paint or benzene free solvent paint US $500million

analysts pointed out that multinational giants are making waves in the domestic market, while in the overseas market, independent brand enterprises are still at the stage of low-end product trade, and low prices and no service have become the common impression of overseas customers on Chinese products

"the traditional export trade model of products has faced a bottleneck. In order to achieve truly global development, we need to achieve a breakthrough in 'quality' through model innovation, comprehensively improve the 'gold content' of global development around science and technology, brands, business models, etc., and take an innovative road." Yuan Yongfu, deputy general manager of Chery heavy industry, said

in order to meet the needs of users in different countries and regions, Chery heavy industry, relying on the global market development strategy, has formed a transformation from single product demand management to multiple integration of product demand, product technical guidance, product use feedback, product improvement services, and is committed to developing products suitable for local market needs in different countries and regions

according to Yuan Yongfu, Chery heavy industry has developed a special warm air cab tractor for the severe winter weather in Eastern Europe and the northern frigid zone, which not only has outstanding heating effect, but also solves the problem of defrosting the front windshield. It has been widely welcomed by European customers, and the order has increased by 40% year-on-year

strengthen the thickness and depth of management. In Latin America, Chile and other regions, orchard tractors developed for the needs of orchard planting operations, on the basis of existing products, and for the optimization of wheel track, chassis height, and overall performance are widely praised in the Latin American market

in addition, in order to cooperate with the development and upgrading of products in the global market, Chery heavy industry ensures that more than 5% of its sales revenue is used as R & D investment every year. At the same time, it has established R & D centers in Italy and Japan to ensure that it has timely grasp of the most cutting-edge technology and sufficient technical reserves

at present, through independent innovation and global resource integration, Chery heavy industry has formed ten platforms including seedling raising machines, transplanters, tractors, harvesting machinery, grain drying machinery, agricultural machinery, etc., and more than 280 kinds of agricultural equipment product resource guarantee. These full series of agricultural equipment products meet the whole process mechanized planting needs of farming, planting, management, harvesting, transportation and storage of different regions, different agronomies and different crops in all links

"mode innovation is the only choice for independent brand enterprises to implement global development, with a service life of several 10 years," said Wang Jinfu, general manager of Chery heavy industry. "In the field of agricultural equipment, Chery heavy industry is oriented to global users, positioned as a service provider of comprehensive mechanization of agricultural production and full mechanization of grain production, and innovates the development mode by providing overall solutions for users all over the world."

it is reported that Chery heavy industry has more than 180 global distribution service networks and has successfully entered the medium and high-end markets, including Europe and the United States

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