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Qilu Petrochemical's annual output of heat-resistant materials exceeded 40000 tons for the first time.

in 2013, Qilu Petrochemical Plastic Factory optimized and fully produced new heat-resistant polyethylene pipe materials. The annual production exceeded 40000 tons, which was the highest output since the successful development of such new products in 2011

the heat-resistant polyethylene pipe material qhm22f developed and produced by the plant in the high-density polyethylene plant due to lack of experience and no reference to relevant data has filled the domestic gap. With its excellent performance, it has become a good material recognized by customers and the market. However, due to the great difficulty in production and ensuring the production stability of the whole device, the plant basically produces in one month or every other month in the early stage. In 2013, the factory not only ensured the long-term stable operation of the device during the production period of the product, but also improved and optimized the product quality by constantly summarizing the production experience and tackling key technical problems. The annual cumulative production was more than 41000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 2.3 tons. Optimizing and making enough polyethylene pipe materials had no impact on the experimental results, the output of new products, and its market share continued to expand

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