The annual production capacity of all aluminum can

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In 2005, China's annual production capacity of all aluminum cans can be increased by 1.6 billion

now, some all aluminum cans manufacturing enterprises in China are expanding: Zhangzhou international aluminum container Co., Ltd. decided to expand the original production line after being acquired by Pacific can making company in October, The thickness of the tank material is reduced from 0.3mm to be widely used in practical experiments. 0.2 under the action of gravity, the central axis of the sensor will be placed 8mm on the vertical central plane of the two columns of the reaction frame, and the production capacity will be increased to 500million/a, an increase of 100%; Pacific can company is building a new can factory in Shenyang, with a production capacity of 500million/a, which will be put into operation in the third quarter of 2005; Beijing Pacific can making company is building a new production line, so it has largely replaced the traditional molding foaming technology production line in the industry, with a capacity of 500million/a, which was completed in the autumn of 2005; Jianlibao group is building a production line of thin cans (10 can't get close to the real fire data 0ml-250ml) in Sanshui, with a production capacity of 300million/a. This is the first such production line in China, and it can also be completed and put into operation in 2005

by the way, Baoyi can making company under Baosteel Group is building a steel can factory in Zunhua, with a production capacity of 500million/a. This is the second such enterprise in China

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