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Editor's note: according to relevant forecasts, after a record year of 2008, the operating performance of German large equipment manufacturers will decline significantly in the next few years. The expected value of contract revenue of enterprises affiliated to VDMA Association in Germany can decrease by 30%~50%. It seems that the enterprises in the industry are ready for the difficult years ahead

after a record year of 2008, large-scale equipment manufacturers expect that the benefits in 2009 will decline by 30%~50%

the sadness brought by the record high level is also different. Compared with the development plan, the response in Germany's large equipment manufacturing industry is not very great at present. The registered enterprises of large and medium-sized equipment manufacturing branch (AgaB) of VDMA Association in Germany achieved a record contract revenue of 32.8 billion euros last year. However, according to the current serious financial crisis and sluggish market conditions, they concluded that the contract revenue would decrease by 30%~50% in the next few years. A few weeks ago, economists gave data that showed a decline of only 20% to 30%. This situation shows that the economic situation has deteriorated further

does this mean that the glory of Germany's large equipment manufacturing industry has passed? No, the experts agree. Although 2009 will be a difficult year for large equipment manufacturers in Germany, entrepreneurs are ready to cope with this recession. After all, the current contract and order situation is not very bad, and the contract revenue is fairly good. At a press conference on the current economic situation, Mr. Dieter Rosenthal, spokesman of AgaB and SMS Demag, said: "in terms of the average level of the industry, the contracts obtained so far meet the production capacity by the end of 2009." In the future, the decline in the prices of raw materials and equipment components will bring good results to equipment manufacturers

no one can really predict how long the current economic crisis will last. At the beginning of the economic crisis, the order contracts for large equipment increased by 115% from 2003 to 2008. However, since the middle of 2008, the demand of users has shown an obvious downward trend. The contract orders in the first half of 2008 increased by 15% compared with the same period of the previous year, but decreased by 11% compared with the same period in the second half of 2008

Under the condition of oil immersion and smoothness, the demand of foreign enterprises for large-scale equipment in Germany decreased slightly to 26.3 billion euros in 2008. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Rosenthal, the contract revenue realized has increased by 10billion euros compared with the same period in 2007

"in terms of the average level of the industry, the contracts obtained so far meet the production capacity by the end of 2009."

in the global economic crisis, the competition in large equipment projects is still fierce. At present, enterprises that rely on loans and other financial support have adopted the strategy of tightening investment, looking forward to the decline in the price of large-scale equipment. China's large equipment manufacturers are very active on the international stage. According to Mr. elmut knauthe of wood company in Germany, with the tightening of China's waste paper import policy, Chinese large equipment suppliers have begun to implement large discounts in projects in the Middle East

the large equipment manufacturers in Germany also said with one voice that they can benefit from this competition by relying on their technical advantages, and there is no need to adopt the method of low-cost dumping. In this context, the managers of large equipment manufacturing enterprises have made greater efforts in product research and development and in improving product quality. Mr. Dieter gtsbenbauer, the head of Lurgi company, confirmed that they have received many users' inquiries on new technologies. Mr. Joachim Engelmann, head of Chemnitz chemical equipment production plant, also increased their budget for product R & D this year by 20%. He said: "we must strengthen product research and development in the period of economic depression, so as to have greater technological progress after the depression." Although such R & D investment is unimaginable for the joint-stock company, all enterprises under the AgaB association are committed to technological progress

how can large equipment manufacturing enterprises compensate for the difficulties caused by insufficient contracts? In addition to significantly improving the ability of intellectual property creation and application, reducing overtime and implementing flexible working system, enterprises also significantly reduce outsourcing production. According to Mr. Rosenthal, at present, most of the new output values of large equipment manufacturing enterprises are between 25% and 35%. In any case, no one is willing to quickly reduce the valuable human resources. Mr. Rosenthal said: "we will retain the engineers who took great efforts to recruit a few years ago and continue to make contributions to our enterprise."

according to the person in charge of AgaB, large equipment manufacturing branch of VDMA Association in Germany, the deteriorating global economic crisis is a good textbook, which teaches German large equipment enterprises how to protect themselves by using the German government's export credit insurance, namely Hermes export credit insurance. The risk of countries has increased, and industrialized countries have also tried to return to the level of high-risk countries for the first time; Private banks have obviously restricted investment business. Mr. Rosenthal said: "German large equipment manufacturers are very grateful to the federal government for timely adjusting the current situation by using export credit insurance in the economic crisis emergency plan II."

has great potential to tap

the site management in the field of large-scale equipment manufacturing can have a saving potential of up to several million euros. Similarly, modern large-scale equipment site management can also shorten the construction period of several weeks or even months. To confirm this estimate, AgaB, together with management engineering consulting, conducted a survey of managers in 180 large-scale equipment manufacturers and users in Germany and Europe. It is not only the large-scale equipment construction site itself that has great potential for saving, but also its early stage and surrounding environmental foundation. For example, an optimized engineering project, Dr. Luan Daqi, director of innovation management of high performance polymers in Asia Pacific region of Evonik Degussa, can save at least 10% of the funds: 3/4 of the surveyed people think so. At the same time, many people also believe that the production control of large equipment and parts procurement are also powerful levers to shorten the construction period, which can shorten the construction period of 8~12 months by at least 10%. At present, the main problems lie in infrastructure construction, engineering supervision and equipment installation. The personnel policy should be inclined to the recruitment and guarantee of key personnel

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