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German merchants have new requirements for food packaging cartons

not long ago, German merchants put forward three new requirements for the corrugated cartons used for the packaging of China's food exports:

first, the outer packaging boxes should not use wax paper or oil paper

second, glue shall be used for sealing the box as far as possible, and PVC or any other plastic tape shall not be used; (MPS ⑶) type go2- 11 ⑷ 0.6 Watt, 3-phase, 380 volt, 50 Hz, 1400 RPM double head. If it is necessary to use plastic tape to control the slow response, the main test indicators are the compressive strength and stacking test of cartons, only PE/Pb materials can be used

third, no metal or plastic nails or clamps can be used for the outer carton, and only glue can be used to stick all sides

it is reported that the new requirements of German merchants for the packaging of cartons widely used in cosmetics, personal care products, medicines and food are aimed at making the cartons easy to recycle, reducing environmental pollution and preventing the pollution of the packaging cartons to food during food storage

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