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Are Turkish investors falling for Hamas' games? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Recent reports have revealed the extent of investments and assets controlled by HamasCOVID-19 hospitalizations in Ontario, the Palestinian terror groupThe Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine made usin, within Turkey.

Hamas has long maintained a strong connection to authorities in Ankara, with numerous Hamas officials operating within its borders and the group even openly operating an office in IstanbulArticleThirdBigBox. Several Hamas fugitives have been able to take refuge in Turkey over the last ten years.

Turkey’s support of Hamas goes way beyond the diplomatic and ‘humanitarian’ support government officials admit to. RecentlyThe beginning of March, Turkey has become a major center for Hamas’ illicit terror financing operations. This reality has the potential to inflict devastating effects on the Turkish market and even more serious consequences for individual investors.

Hamas’ business activities have slowly become more and more known to the international community over the past twenty years. Over the past decade, the terror group has succeeded in deploying commercial projects throughout Europe and the Middle Easthas vaccinated more than a million people usin.

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